You Can’t Always Be A Pirate!

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0:00 Hello Everyone
13:55 Analysis

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  1. I think that’s the first time I’ve actually ever seen him play a game. It was cool to see him struggle like the rest of us looking to open up the board, find the right move, etc. Great game, great video. Thank you.

  2. I’m surprised your opponent didn’t try Ra1 to at least attempt to trap your Queen even if he had you probably would’ve just had to offer a Queen trade on b4 Good game not many complications to worry about in the game smooth sailing most of the way the passed pawns on the a and b file helped get the win for you thanks for the Game Enjoy your day Everyone 😊♟️

  3. Qd2 attacks the pawn on b5 as well as on h3

  4. Watching you play live is by far my favorite content on this channel and I have watched you for about 8 years.

  5. Then you have to settle with just being yourself 😊

  6. Agadmator is quite a strong player

  7. I dont understand the potential queensacrafice at 6:08? Why did white not capture the queen?

  8. Nicely done again Antonio! as always, loving the LiChess videos, I can see during your matches you have learned a great deal from analyzing all those games lol…and youve been teaching us a lot as well! Thanks man I am really grateful! keep up the great work!

  9. Nice! I like these rapid/short rapid games and live commentary.

  10. Should have done Q-D7 a few moves earlier to attack two pawns.

  11. You should make a second channel for the games that YOU play. Otherwise you are going to start making less money per vid.

  12. 3:00 "i'm the one with a past pawn". Can someone please explain what that is? His b5 pawn is further down the board than your a5 pawn?

  13. It’s like a kings Indian attack set up vs PIRC Defence set up / or the KID

  14. Why on Earth did you move your Queen to thst terrible a4 square? I was literally screaming at the screen.

  15. I really want to know what you do when you go under the desk 😄, what are you adjusting? You always do that!

  16. White is seemingly controlling the center, but he's kind of blocking his own pieces from mobilizing. Then he starts losing on one side of the board and just can't really get over there to help himself out. And of course this is also a prime example of why you push passed pawns and how powerful of a strategy that is in almost any game.

  17. Great game. At one stage the board was locked with both players without any good moves but @agadmator did a great job playing precise moves :D. Good learning. Thanks👍

  18. Does this implicate you can sometimes? So better only be if it has an advantage.

  19. I saw the thumbnail and I was assuming the parrot 🦜 but alas there is no parrot in the video 😢😢😢

  20. Quality! Sometimes bide your time and strike when the moment is right. Great stuff – these are the best videos!

  21. Hi, Agadmator. Please continue doing these live games. They are so much fun to watch and also instructive.

  22. Unlike other sites where the player thinks, talks and acts like they are better than everyone else, you treat your opponent with respect and congratulate their good play.

  23. so out of my depth looking at this – i love it

  24. Bravo, Antonio. I usually melt in games like this where the opponent blitzes out every move and I burn half my time reacting to the opening.

  25. Love the pirate stuff. Don't forget the eyepatch

  26. He who knows the way broadly sees it in all things…

  27. Antonio crushing it!! I love these games. Thank you! <3

  28. Agad: “I’m actually playing the strongest moves recommended by the engine.”
    Kramnik: “interesting.”

  29. Please my dear Agad pick one game at least on a regular basis to show us here and analyze with us, its very good to see you playing. #suggestion

  30. It's really give me pleasure watching and analyzing your games. You played one of the best match by far. Keep uploading your live playing videos.

  31. @3m 27s. … N(g8)-d7. Help your tricky bastards so your tricky bastards can help you 😁 [edit] enough fireworks in the end. Nice game!

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