You Cannot Win At Chess If You Don’t Know These Principles

Top 30 Tips I Wish I knew When I Started Chess

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  1. with glasses, u' look like a GM, ain't joking

  2. finally ur back i was waiting for sooo long

  3. The way you say roooook sounds like a youtube short I saw. Thanks for the tips. Now all I need is a different brain.

  4. Surely it'll help me finally move on with my rating hehhh
    Glad to see you back Chessscape!

  5. @Chessscape why were you not uploading videos

  6. 4:06 69 elo me getting checkmated after 1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 and supporting my e5 with f6 *😂😂

  7. 13:34 — my personal favorite part…the 'don't be greedy!!' lesson. 😁😁

    BTW, welcome back from the timeout, Chessscape.

  8. Nice to see you back Chesspace!!

  9. I'm not fluent in English but this content made me understand a little about chess🎉

  10. Eyyyyyy
    Welcome Back my Guy! 🤘
    Missed your content ngl

  11. But panicing is my strength in chess…

  12. The bald teacher is baccckkkk😎😎 Really good content❤ appreciating you man.. ur videos are too catchy



  14. THE LEGEND RETURNS!!!! My favorite teacher of all time has returned

  15. 6:58 I somehow can lose a game with my opponent only have a rook left while i still have 2 bishop, a queen, 2 rook, a pass pawn

  16. That was interesting, but my problem is everytime i learn and see a video I dont do anything I learned in chess so i get: Bruuuhhhhhhed

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