Would You Date A Chess Player? #chess #shorts


  1. I mean rich kids that are hot and looking for the attention of doing videos online are the types that will want a rich super hot guy with a big dick

  2. you should have said.. frankly my dear i dont give a damn

  3. If that chess player is playing with gold and diamond pieces she’ll def reconsider… but that same player already has a girl ten times better

  4. Never date a woman smarter than you!

  5. It all depends on how much you got in a wallet 😂😂😂

  6. But she'll date a thug and they play chess in prison

  7. Show, don’t tell. What a cinematic masterpiece!

  8. Women are not interested in intelligence. They are interested in capability. Intelligence does not make one capable in and of itself. Signatures of capability are charisma, ambition, orderliness, status and manlyness (high testoreone levels, chisseled jawline, ability to easily dominating her physically through height and muscular fitness and strenght).

  9. I gave up chess 10 hears ago when i met a girl….

  10. She should date the guy that taught Helen Keller to communicate..She is a chess player the same way my 5 year old son is a MLB Player, He hits a hollow ball with his hollow bat.. She plays Chess with a hollow head.

  11. Most chess players don't looks.

  12. The best motivation to beat computer in the game ❤

  13. It's because she's looking for a stupid simp that thinks with his little head. fyi, even athletic jocks enjoy playing chess. This chick is for the streets

  14. What's with the mole and man she has on alot of make up you can't kiss the face because make up taste nasty.

  15. 1st off I call BS! 2nd even if that’s true… dating a Chess THOT Streamer is probably a blunder

  16. Chess player: I won't date a colouring book

  17. My father and I used to call that the "tactical nuke", a little known (but highly effective) rule that guarantees a Stalemate.

    Did you just make a losing move? No problem, swipe all the pieces off the board and then yell, "tactical nuke". Works like a charm every time.

  18. Go and get a brainless man😂. Just because i dont get a girls. We as a chess player not afraid of getting a girls. We live as we want no one can stop us. Anyway if you have money you can get anything in this world

  19. What she don't know won't hurt her. You can hide that fact unless you are a famous chess player than you may be wealthy. That would change things I bet.

  20. Name of the forst girl anyone? Asking for a friend.

  21. Guy wasn’t a chess player. Had the board set up wrong

  22. Chess player: I also won't date dumb women they'd be waste of time🗿

  23. Would a chess player ever date her, that's the real question

  24. You will never have a xeque-match with her on Tinder

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