World’s COOLEST Chess Set!….


  1. Who would sacrifice the giant rook?

  2. Nah I'd probably be pissed playing on a flexible board especially on time. And wtf is that queen lmao.

  3. chess sets for the blind, thats the coolest shit i ever saw

  4. This is more “worlds coolest chess storage”

  5. Pov you sacrifice the rook…..
    Where did my chess set go???

  6. You really don’t though I know someone who has a full scale wizard chess set in their back yard

  7. If i put my chess set in the fridge it will be the coolest🤣🤣🤣

  8. The Chess set……… is just a giant rook?

  9. It’s all good in a chess game until you pull out the M E G A R O O K

  10. Tell me you have the world’s zestiest voice without telling me you have the world’s zestiest voice

  11. I might use it for my pizza tower videos

  12. If you ever break it , you'll "sacrifice the roooooooooook" successfully 😂

  13. Get another rook tower and put it next to the other

  14. I don’t like the way you talk I’m gonna dislike the vid

  15. I wanna buy 2 and buy an airplane😶😶

  16. The absolutely dumbest saying ever – "Tell me….. without telling me…" Can no one be original anymore? Also, this chess set wouldn't even be top 50 of the "coolest" chess sets.

  17. I saw a set on Instagram with each chess piece made with gold and gems. Every piece had movable mechanism too


  19. This might be the lamest thing I've ever seen

  20. Not the world coolest chess set😂😂😂 sorry

  21. Bro all the pieces gonna fall out when you open it

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