World Chess Championship Game 7 | HE COLLAPSED!!

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  1. Magnus made a great championship match by refusing to participate.

  2. Ding’s problem was not a chess thing at all. It was 100% psychological. He… just… froze. Just sat there paralyzed, unable to move. Nothing to do with chess ability, just emotional frailty. Very sad to watch.

  3. The quality of Fabi's commentary is incredibly high.

  4. What on earth, man! Seriously, what on earth! How could a professional 2800 player let his time run out in a position, where basically any (waiting) move holds?? And then, after 10 minutes of thinking playing like a 1600 noob, blundering all over the place? He really snapped. Unbelievable!

  5. 1:17:35 Without tomorrows rest day, Jan would have white after a rest day the whole match, now it switches so Ding gets white after rest day.

  6. It was physically painful to see Ding play 2 moves in 9 minutes when he had less that ten minutes left.

  7. Fabi also collapsed… losing 3 games in a row….

  8. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Fabi is the literal GOAT in terms of peak ratings because Magnus & Garry are disqualified because they were caught cheating. Basically you can't be valedictorian if you were caught cheating.

    This makes Levon Aronian the 2nd greatest and Wesley So the 3rd greatest.

    Hey CSQpod, how about Wesley So for a future podcast?


  9. I just realized, is c-squared in reference to Cris & Caruana, two cs?

  10. All tactics should be judged by where they would be in puzzle rush. 35:40

  11. man this happens to me all the time. In my head I can hear all the twitch collaborator coaches shouting "MAKE A MOVE" and i'm shouting back "WHAT MOVE?" Then I blunder and lose. Ding probably just thought the position was sharper than it was. Kg7 is a nice consolidating move with 8 pawns and knights on f3/f6, not so typical with heavy pieces on an open board.

    And actually the more I look the more I really don't want to move anything. Rook is on its best square, Queen is on its best square. Pawns are good, bishop is loose but moving to a different diagonal is the kind of committal decision you'd want to spend time on. These guys are obviously 1000x better than me but really I might have found Bd8, just for lack of alternatives. It's completely understandable that Ding would tank into h4 into resign.

  12. Dubov described this WCC the best. It's exciting to some because the performances are flawed.

  13. We have so many post game commentaries, but Fabiano just seems to have the right speed and phenomenal knowledge to make this version the best, IMHO.

  14. Hey Fabia! Thanks for the analysis and standing up for the French. As a new player the french defense has definitely helped me win games against e4 players

  15. Great breakdown again! Thanks so much

  16. your explanations are the best you guys well done for the brilliant content

  17. Fabi is an excellent teacher. It's amazing to have this content for free on YouTube. And can't wait for Fabi to join the commentary team.

  18. I’ve been looking forward to this all day! Unbelievable happenings. I think Ding having a very human moment on a world stage has endeared him to many many new fans. There is an argument to be made that Ding inadvertently raised the stakes on this match even more and if he can manage the stress going forward and actually keep this close. Coupled with Fabi commentating the match. Idk, I think us fans of the great game are in for something really special!
    Go Ding, Go Nepo, and for that matter go C squared podcast!

  19. I really do think this is far from over. We still have half of the match ahead and
    a) Nepo tends to struggle in decisive moments in tournaments (probably even more considering we are reaching final stages of a WCC)
    b) we learnt from the first seven games that this match is absolutely unpredictable
    c) this game showed that Nepo is weak. It seems as if Nepo’s prep focused only on Ding’s mainstream repertoire and therefore struggled in games were Ding chose other openings (London and French defense).

    Buckle up, (even more) fireworks are coming

  20. It's crazy to watch such an obviously stronger player get beaten by psychology. Magnus is the combination of these two. Slightly worse at each. But more balanced.

  21. 57:50 I think next few moves showed purpose of Rh4. White wants to play g3 and unbind queen from defence h2 pawn. G2-G3 with queen on h3 is clumsy, so white doing this Rh3 Qe3 g3 maneure

  22. I must say that from an opening pov, Rapport has been amazing for Ding's prep. I expect them to continue to work together afterwards. How likely do you think this is?

  23. You understand you know nothing when fabi goes 20c3

  24. 35:55 "Sometimes, chess has a lot of psychology and sometimes people panic" -Fabi on players mutually blitzing out moves when there's plenty of time remaining.

  25. Fabi, yo're right, there's nothing wrong with the French…until it gets down to penalty kicks.

  26. Love how deep fabi can analyze these games… Chris tries to rush him sometimes lol…. fabi goes so deep in these positions…. Just amazing

  27. Can you put these podcasts on Spotify as well?

  28. They replaced him while he was sitting at the board,rest of universe watching.
    Illuminati are getting good with switching people.😂

  29. "you can make a committal move quickly or a non-committal move slowly, but do not make something very committal very slowly…" ~Fabiano,s daily anecdotes

  30. Great analysis by Fabi and Chris and a good free lesson. Learned a lot. Thanks.

  31. When you are in time trouble, you can play a non-committal move quickly; a non-committal move slowly; a committal move quickly. But never play a committal move slowly! Words of wisdom from a master!

  32. Nieman: Chess speaks for itself.
    Ding: Chess moves by itself.


  33. I don't know how one can make an analysis of this 7 game. A "psycho-analysis" would be more appropriate. My heart is still feeling so sad and bad for Ding. Thinking about it I can't hold back my tears; and I'm not the only one… A victorious "return" would be the most beautiful therapy; for all of us. All my support and love to Ding. #LOVE4DING #WELOVEUDING

  34. This is your daily reminder that Ian's name is pronounced Neh palm kni shee!!!!

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