World Chess Champion Strategy Training for Club Players – Book Review

In this video, we’re diving into the world of chess education as we review the fantastic book, “World Chess Champion Strategy Training for Club Players” by the renowned author, Thomas Willemze. If you’re a club player looking to elevate your chess game, this book might be your secret weapon!

🔍 In this chess book review, we’ll explore:

The key strategies and insights club players can gain from this book.
How this book can improve your understanding of chess strategy and overall gameplay.
Thomas Willemze’s unique approach to teaching chess.
Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, our channel is your go-to source for educational chess content, and this book review is no exception. 🧠💡

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  1. Working through the Grooten Strategy book right now… is this the one I should do next? or you recommend something else?

  2. Coach Andras, whose games would you recommend for class C to B players? Spielmann?

  3. An Andras approved book is an instant buy, all of your reviews have been spot on and thanks so much for doing this. It's not easy to orient through the plethora of books available and credible reviews like yours are a gold mine.

  4. When you showed the second example, I immediately remembered the game frome a lecture (I thnik) on Ginger GM's site by Ivan Sokolov on how to play against the Tartakower QGD. I don't know if I'd found the solution if I hadn't remembered that. 😉 Then again, Karpov, along with Capablanca is my favourite player, so I had to laugh somewhat when you mentioned them as difficult to understand or learn from.

  5. Pre ordered, not available to Nov 1 on amazon

  6. The pronounciation wasn't horribly butchered. The last 'e' in the name, in this instance is a short è, instead of "see" . 🙂

  7. Damn! You should've considered a career as a salesman! 😅😅

  8. What do you think of the book "Practical Chess Exercises: 600 Lessons from Tactics to Strategy"? I really love the concept of the book, but I can't help but be suspicious because the author is an untitled unknown. It has great reviews and a foreword from GM, but that doesn't guarantee that the explanations are good.

  9. Coach Andras reccomends.. I'm in ✌️😊

  10. Boomshki New andras book review. Love the book reviews.

  11. Sounds very interesting. But the examples seem a little bit too hard for me. Could you give a ELO rating range for which you would recommend the book?

  12. Terrific book review — thank you! Over 30,000 subscribers I see. Pretty sure I jumped aboard around the 5,000 mark. This channel really deserves 100,000. It's pure gold.

  13. Great review! My coach is friends with the author so I’ll ask him to forward this review. I’m sure it will be appreciated!

    Also, can you record a fake review where you hate on this book that I can send to my opponents? 😅

  14. It'd be good to compare this book with Grooten's strategy book that's also aimed at club players.

  15. why is Kasparov front and center????? that spot is for Fischer!

  16. Excellent review. And your surprising observation about Capablanca’s and Karpov’s games as hard models for improving players is most helpful!

  17. Being a token Aussie maybe you should change up the intro with – G'day to the blokes and Sheila's!!!

  18. Great review! Is the material approachable for any level of player, or would it be recommended to read through other pieces of strategic chess literature before attacking it?

  19. Cutting up a book for flash cards is heresy, just sayin lol.

  20. I really enjoy these book reviews, keep em coming coach.

  21. Well executed book review. Enjoyed every moment.

  22. Another great review! The Karpov games were excellent.

  23. Would you recommend this book or Herman Grooten's strategy for club players book? (I'm1700)

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