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  1. Development of pieces is overrated except Knight and Pawn (it shouldn't be far advanced for sure). Bishop in center attacks 13 squares but it also more open the attack of other pieces such as Knight, pawn etc.. Bishop, rook and Queen is enough strong in second and sometimes first line. There are a lot of opening where one side get behind in development but easily recover without losses. Other openings where one side get destroyed due to lack of development are situational and it occurs for other reasons most of the times in my opinion.

  2. And then you simpley sacrifice THE ROOOOOOOOOOOK

  3. Yes. And your opponent will offer no resistance when you try to take the center. Piece of cake. What can go wrong.

  4. "But in the corner, just 7/2"
    Rook who is always in the corner: :')

  5. Magnus Carlsen about to promote his King to a Queen: 🍷🗿

  6. Fun fact : the rook is the only piece that control the same number of squares (14) wherever it is

  7. Me in chess before: i got that pawn on the center and you are trying to kill it i will put everything (including king)
    Me now: C.E.N.T.E.R

  8. I tried to control the board with the king but my rating dropped

  9. It'll be good, if opponent didn't move

  10. I beated someone using that tactic i forgot how💀💀💀

  11. that’s also a good way to develop your knight and bishops

  12. Bro i started with this set up and the other player just gave up.

  13. Subtitles at the start them remove half-way, what is the point of tricking me like that

  14. I did this to my older brother but he just copied me he didn't know how to play chess (I still won tho)

    edit:yes I teached him a bit

  15. I figured this out in 9th grade just by moving my pawns as little as possible and seeing what the computer would do if I let it open however it wanted.

  16. How the hell are you going to take the bishop out

  17. In the corner Bishop can do a sniping hitman business

  18. Chess masters don't really do that kind of opening tbh

  19. Bro these comments crack my d- like a glowstick

  20. Okay, I saw the video, now you can delete this so that my opponent wouldn't know about this

  21. Play the pirc defense and chess will be easy

  22. I really want to see how this looks in game

  23. Every time you put your bishops in the centre next thing you know it's either a knight or pawn attacking it

  24. Pawn in the corner 1 move

    Pawn in middle 1 move 😱

  25. Octopus knight? The faq is that i know the na** knight

  26. it was 16 seconds not 30

  27. Saflaştırılmış Dökme Lahmacun N says:

    Try with king its immortal pawn

  28. Yay so. My 1000th game beacuse of this😮😮

  29. According to my calculations 🤓 it was 27 seconds. Not 30 seconds

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