Win Chess in just 2 Moves Only! #Shorts

This how you win in chess in 2 moves. It is also known as the Fool’s Mate it is the shortest checkmate possible in the game of chess. You can only play this if your opponent play the same set of moves hence it is rare but still possible. If you want to learn how to play chess or chess tricks do subscribe the channel.
#Shorts #Chess


  1. I saw this yesterday but the real thing because this is a stolen idea

  2. This only works if you play against ludwig

  3. works if you're playing against someone with 0 experience in chess

  4. I actually learned this without watching any of this because my opponent is a beginner

  5. Pov: the opponent moves differently
    Me: Thats not in the script..

  6. Impossible play brother haha …..anyways …

  7. He must be dumbest in the world to do such moves

  8. Guys why are you making fun of this opening

    Its just the kings gambit

  9. I did this once against myself I didn’t see it coming

  10. Everybody gangsta until you opponent's iq is over the room temperature

  11. nope you can't win in two moves it's impossible

  12. Even the probability of an idiot opening like this extremely low

  13. Hold up just sending this to my friend quick so he knows what to do when I try this

  14. Everybody gangsta till the opponent has over 100 elo

  15. That opening for ur opponent must be absolute dogwater

  16. I’m just to good my 78391764991868397150th time beating myself in a 1v1 🥱

  17. POV : Your Opponent didn't use the move that was in the video💀💀

  18. Instructions unclear; accidentally checkmated myself

  19. Its mention that black is dumb too 😅

  20. My brother doesn't fall for this, but he can move his bishops to a place where I can capture it.

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