WIN AT CHESS In 7 Moves!

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  1. The fact that i actually fell for this and lost and now im 986 elo

  2. This sort of a modification of the Vienna Gambit

  3. ok… now i need someone to move the bishop and not the other knight

  4. Free advice (you can pay me if u want to ):
    Never play your game like checkmate in 3 or 5 or 7 moves ,if u do that ,u r gonna end up resigning !

  5. Instructions unclear He castled his King too

  6. Someone told me it's called the poison pawn

  7. Reality is that most of the people watching know hot to play chess

  8. No you nerd 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, i died laughing very hard😂😂😂. No doubt, Gotham is 😎😎😎 greatest of all time👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎☘️

  9. That is a great trap, but the worst happens when they check you with the bishop instead of forking with the knight

  10. Thanks bro today is my tournament and I going to play this

  11. With glasses: nerd
    Without glasses: gansta 💀

  12. I just beat ai or online only 5 moves

  13. As a 2400 elo chess player, I can confirm this has successfully allowed me to start floating around a constant 1000, thanks so much gotham!

  14. Me personally i just do queen h5 and bishop to c4

  15. The king can castle with the room at the end right?

  16. but people will most likley to take ur horse

  17. Daniel Thrasher has Hoodie Guy, Gotham Chess has Beanie Guy

  18. I played this but had to freestyle midway, still won 😄 was a good laugh

  19. I can't beat anyone at chess no matter what I do

  20. I watched this than actually got this sequence on my first game as black thx

  21. I legit just played this match, but instead of defending his rook he took mine(kxh8), I took his rook next and then then he defended with the bishop to f1, I took the pawn on d4, he defended with the same bishop, so I check his king with the knight and he moved it to f1 like an idiot, then it was mate in one

    My elo-598, opponent-610

  22. Me playing simple opening my opponent with 5 brilliant moves sthe. 4 dumb moves and after that 3 brilliant move checkmate ( i am 600 elo)

  23. I like chess but it's so god dam hard i just learned the basics so now I'm learning some moves of pros like magnus

  24. goes to play chess
    opponent plays a different move
    so what do i do now

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