Why Business Leaders Should Learn to Play Chess – Jacob Morgan

The game of Chess has been around since the 6th Century AD and it has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I think all business leaders should learn how to play because there are so many business lessons we can learn from Chess.

I am quite obsessed with the game of Chess. It has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember and it is something that I really enjoy doing. Chess is not only a fun and challenging game, but it also provides many life lessons.

I think all business leaders should learn how to play chess because it can teach us a lot about business.

Here are the 6 biggest business lessons I have learned from playing chess:

1. How to work with AI
2. How to look at the big picture
3. Patience
4. How to look at several different situations and figure out what outcomes each may bring
5. How to identify patterns
6. How to be comfortable with the unknown

All of these lessons are important to learn and will help you be a better leader. So, if you have some extra time on your hands, try Chess. I highly recommend it.

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  2. I wanted to play chess because it is the ultimate think tank game for men. It was a self challenge for me nothing else. But I also wanted to learn how to play textbook. And I did. I managed to beat alot of aggressive chess players because they lacked the basics, and I had the edge on them because I invested in the basics. Learn your basics very well such as the first moves of the game the mid-game strategy and end game, and you'll beat anyone. I didn't approach chess because I wanted to win and focused on winning, instead, I focused on learning, and ultimately I was learning about my self. Throughout the years I ventured into bullet chess, 1-minute chess. Magnus says play any type of chess you enjoy. And I've been hooked on it. I beat so many chess masters at it that I thought I knew it all, after all, I beat a chess master. But remember as the creator said chess is also long term, so play a variety timed chesses and see what fits you best. So far I've played a "minimum" of 60,000 online chess games since 2014. Thats only 20 games a day :). If I was to share any wisdom, I'd tell you if you have any mental condition or compulsion, and you are looking for one of the best methods to transmute abundant energy into something productive, then go for chess!

  3. You rapidly explore insight which communicates how many insights are available in chess. The medium is the message. Nicely done.

  4. I’m learning chess online right now during quarantine because it will help me with everything that’s holding me back in school right now. I’m the valedictorian of my eighth grade class and have one of the highest PSAT 8/9 scores in US, but I lack many things that chess demands from you. The main things I’m looking to chess for are focus and playing the long term, but there are plenty of other things that will be generally helpful. I’ve only been playing for four days, and I can already say that it’s the most productive and life-changing things I’ve done in the past few years. I don’t think it’s going to make me a super human or something absurd like that, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see life in a different way.

  5. Thought about this the other night,… the practice of strategic thinking used in chess can be applied to your everyday life and better your chances of making a better decision for big events in your life… surprised this video has so little views

  6. please tell me how you got those wonderful graphic animations

  7. Yep. If you become a player boy! You're watching the right info. Well narrated.

  8. I play chess so I can make little boys and girls cry.

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