When Magnus Carlsen switches on the GOD mode | Carlsen vs Duda

What happens when Magnus Carlsen wants to play the most accurate game of his life? What happens when he comes to the board with complete will power that he wants to give his best? Well, then we get to see a masterpiece. Check out this battle between Magnus Carlsen (SG Alpine warriors) and Jan Krzysztof Duda (Chingari Gulf Titans) at the Global Chess League. Commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. saying "the world no. 1" makes him sound like a god man a literal god which he indeed is, crazy !!!

  2. the commantary and the excitment and energy in explaining the moves in 10mins game is more fun than watching a champions league football game ^^

  3. I watch these just because of the commentary good job

  4. The best chessplayer in the world is commentator

  5. Sagar: You can actually learn from magnus..

    Well chess needs to learn from him..

  6. ArE yOU chEwing hEtEL nUt whiLE tALking?😯
    why nOt try gOing tO spEEch pOwEr cEntEr?✌

  7. The best Chess commentator! It is like watching a Boxing Day Match. 😆

  8. I really like the commentary on this channel.

  9. Duda sac the exchange.
    Couple moves later.
    Magnus: can I sac too ?

  10. If someone in our class shouts DUDAAA Backbenchers won't stop laughing 😂

  11. Great commentary. I hate when people show variations and try to show the next like 5-6 moves and then someone makes a move and you lose your place following it. This was flawless execution by magnus but also the commentary.

  12. Amazing Alexander Kotov!

  13. Exciting stuff. I'm going to drop my bishop the next chance I get.

  14. This has been a rough tournament for duda😢

  15. Why couldn't have Duda played Qa4 when Magnus attacked with Rb1? I also wonder why didn't Magnus bring in the other took to b1 to attack the queen on b3 instead of the rook on a1

  16. I had to watch such a brutal game in a while♟️❕

  17. Even his shirt only says his first name instead of surname cos you already know who

  18. I guess Duda was sick during this tournament due to food.

  19. This commentary is not live. It has been done on an edited version of the video after the live match ended. Although your enthusiasm is really high!

  20. Magnus scratches his arm
    Youtube : magnus swtches on god mode

  21. This commentary makes the game so much more interesting to watch. The fast pacing of it and excitement as well as great info. Also quick and to the point, no needless words. I'm new to chess and I would watch every time this guy is doing the commentary, everyone else take notes.

  22. Duda always a bad loser, turning his face while checking hands, but the problem is that he's always losing so what he thinks he is in chess? He's nothing and still disrespecting a 5 times world champion !

  23. Just amazing. And watching them make the moves makes you realize how quickly they are assessing the positions. Play on another level.


  25. As usual, amazing chess. Amazing commentary. Thank you sir!

  26. Duda pese a ser superGM juega demasiado pasivo y con Carlsen eso es letal, Duda en muchas ocasiones no se preocupa por anular la dinámica de sus piezas

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