When Firouzja went all out to beat Magnus Carlsen | Norway Chess 2024 Armageddon

When Firouzja went all out to beat Magnus Carlsen, what happened? This was the 9th round of the Norway Chess 2024. Their Classical game was drawn and we are now in Armageddon territory. This is a game that you mustn’t miss. And IM Sagar Shah explains you all the nuances with his commentary.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Why are you moving the pans? you can suggest the moves,,, but you should not move the pans…. Idiotic behavior

  2. Thank you pragg , for unleashing the Monster xD

  3. Never easy to defeat the god of Chess Magnus ❌🧢

  4. please flip the board towards the player who won the game

  5. "Magnus, one of the rare occasions when he has arrived early in the game"😂😂😂….but on serious note Sagar sir's commentary is always very engaging and exciting throughout the games. Best one being Vishy vs Magnus- Tech Mahindra Global chess league game( acc to me), I enjoy it!

  6. It’s a no brainier that in 99% of Armageddon matches white wins

  7. magnus starts playing when the position is equal.

  8. Ong alireza's fashion is so good every match

  9. Sagar Bhai, can we see you play more of the Divorce Gambit please? 🙂

  10. 3:16 I don't know good or bad move, he can up 2 the queen to attack both rooks with his queen.

  11. Can you guys make the chessboard bigger?? Barely can see the the board/moves/pieces

  12. Es una pena cuando no sale una jugada cmo la de Alireza, y finalmente te ganan. Pero es bueno q los jugadores den espectáculo, Magnus juega aburrido, nunca me gusto mucho.

  13. Play with me gentlemen,l am chess master,nice person ❤❤❤

  14. Fix the title boring to watch when your not telling the truth

  15. At 15.17, magnus should have taken pawn with rook, pawn cant take rook due to checkmate by queen. if k kills b, then R takes k. It will be much better game for magnus

  16. If alireza does not waste time to think that much then he would win

  17. Koi tho batch le lo aspirants btw SANKALP is best batter level dpp

  18. Magnus carlsen The strongest endgame in the game of chess

  19. It is safe to assume that half of what is called a "fantastic idea" here is not fantastic.

  20. Why they have different time on clock in starting

  21. Bro you have moves even the top players can't predict..u should play for india🗿

  22. Yeah Alireza needs to get better about managing his clock

  23. Alireza chess style is very risky and dangerous for himself….he attacks but doesn't care much about defending. Magnus plays a very safe chess….defending more than attacking specially since he became more mature.

  24. Sagar is the best, he makes things so exciting!

  25. 10:09 what about e takes d4..rook takes e4..bishop takes e4..knight takes e4…okay what I'm talking about is absurd..there's noway Magnus won't see this..

  26. Nice commentating. It shows good knowledge and the ability to explain.

  27. Why friouza played with the left hand magnus can claim and gain time advantage at 1:16

  28. at 1:16 alireza changes to left hand to play is it ok to change in between the game

  29. Alireza could easily win against magnus as he has such a good position,but kudos to magnus who always prove himself why he's world champion

  30. I think the commentator of this channel should also appear in the game 🤔

  31. The best commentary, love from Malaysia melayu. Malay

  32. Best match draw time over so match is Draw…😊😊😊

    Best opponent very best move and safe best analysis all move and safe….😊

    🏆 Champion both opponents best 😊😊😊😊😮

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