When Chess Cheaters Get Caught

Chess cheaters have been an ongoing issue for a while, so in this video we’ll be showing moments where these chess cheaters get caught during the act.


Note: Richard Rapport in thumbnail is not a cheater, just needed a thumbnail that was over the board
(Sorry in advance)


  1. Talking about cheaters, that's a misleading thumbnail if I ever seen one. Disliked and reported.

  2. Im so confused how were they cheating and how can you prove it?

  3. how they arae cheating they are getting advice from somone better than magnus carlson?

  4. A billionaire cheating does not surprise me. People who obtain that amount of money ALWAYS use under-handed (and sometimes even illegal) tactics to do so. For example, Bill Gates stole most of "his" code for windows. What is surprising is that he did it during a charity event. That's a real scumbag move.

  5. No cheating here. Cheating is making illegal moves, removing pieces or changing the position of pieces. In none of these games was anything done that was not allowed in the rules. Misrepresenting how good you are or aren't and your opponent falling for it is not cheating.

  6. if you are more good of a gm your are a cheater? ahahahahahHAHAHAHAAAHH

  7. I dont even know you could cheat in chess 💀

  8. When these sociopaths loose, it's always because of a cheater 😂😂

  9. Even the billionaires in india are cheating 😂😂😂

  10. if that thumbnail is inaccurate, this channel could get sued if it was ever noticed by him

  11. Dude pulls off the biggest upset of all time in any game or sport by beating Anand and doesnt even act like the least bit surprised. How in the world did he think nobody would question his performance? That billionaire clearly didnt get rich because of his brain.

  12. Clickbait thumbnail, I want to see magnus caught cheaters in offline match not online match

  13. The engine would win if he play against them directly but because the cheater have to ask and wait for the engine to give answer, he won on time. Magnus has to play perfectly and fast to win

  14. the first dude prob had another gm play for him

  15. so he is a billionair but is so naive that he think he can cheat and noone notices? How fucking dumb of a person you have to be, AS as freaking billionaire, to not oversee this. Fuck him.

  16. it's even more absurd when you're a great player having to play a shithead cheater knowing they're cheating. the idiot's too stupid to realize his cheating is obvious.

  17. i hate cheaters. like emotionally hate them. such waste of time. cheaters suck and are very very low. no shame. disgusting.

  18. What a logic. When a gm is losing against a very good player they just immediately tag them as cheater… noice.

  19. Why is the guy a cheater just by playing better than the other guy? So he had a rating that made the other underestimate him. Is it cheating that you play better than expected?

  20. I won a chess game, I asked for my winnings ,, he said I will send you a cheque… mate

  21. The billionaire is stupid, only the best of the best can beat someone of a calibre like Anand how tf does he think he can get away with it?

  22. so chessbrah lost a game and reported him yea nice, you have zero proof. magnus is the biggest cheater of em all, he has a genetic treat that allows him to memrize much more then normal brain, he should be banned from chess for life

  23. A moment when you resign from a game, making the best check-mate possible 😎

  24. That’s me dude!! Ye I admit I’m a CHEATER! But I don’t give a shit coz I don’t play with HUMANS but ONLY CPUS! & also DONT FUCKING ASSUME SOMEONE IS CHEATING JUST COZ HE HAS A LOW RATING!! That’s like me ASSUMING you have a small dk if you’re a CHESS GM!! So stfu 🤬

  25. Ig people don't have context over here but Nikhil is really a great guy, and yes he did cheat but just for fun like not for WINNING WINNING, if uk what I'm saying

  26. The first story is what gets me you are playing too well and your rating is too low there for you are a cheater. This is the reason there are very advanced chess players who refuse to play online chess. I showed my 80 year old father who has been playing chess his entire life as a hobby local parks against friends and anyone willing to step up at the community center. I showed him an online chess service helped him sign up a week later he calls me saying it wont work ask me to make sure he isnt doing something wrong. He was banned for cheating. Low rank with too much accuracy for his rank he must have been a cheater. No he had just been playing chess longer than most people he was playing against had been alive so of course he is going to be better than his rank

  27. Imagine being called a cheater for being good at chess lol

  28. That cheater against magnus is an idiot
    probably some 200 elo kid who could not read chess quotations given by stockfish and was taking too much time

  29. That first one is just JC Denton and he's using his augments.

  30. The 1st one doesn't count as cheating. He could have just started online chess

  31. >A Billionaire,
    >chess game,
    >shit charity event no one give a f except small chess community

    Clout is hella of drug

  32. so when you first start or start a new account you type in your name and are given a rating or?? because im pretty sure whether your a gm or extremely good you still have to level your rating up therefore he could have just been on a new account and not cheating

  33. When you loose too Magnus even with one of the best ai bots. 🤣

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