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  1. chess is a young kids game, no way is older folks can reach passed a 1000

  2. Stuff YOUR adds! NOT WATCHING ADS to listen about CHESS! BS!

  3. Im actually convinced these older IM's and GM's are only there because they started playing in the early 2000's when chess wasnt as popular and the internet was a lot less at your fingertips. I find levy to be at best a mid range player.

  4. Why do you stock heating, ac and pc/server in one corner?

  5. A effective strategy for winning in chess often involves trading pieces strategically while preserving your pawn structure. It's crucial not to create pawn islands exceeding two. Once achieved, focus on utilizing your king and remaining pawns to secure victory. This approach capitalizes on the fact that many players at lower skill levels struggle in the endgame. By mastering endgame scenarios, you'll gain a significant advantage in your overall chess proficiency.

  6. I got from 600 to 800 after playing chess for 1.5 years and then after watching him I boomed to 1250 in last 3 months

  7. does anybody know what the dollar thing in the background is called and if so where one can buy it??

  8. I will sit here for like an hour thank you very much 😂😊

  9. "the London is not easy to beat"

    ** just beat it easily **

  10. “ bust open the king “ 💀

  11. just reached 600 and let me tell you about the blunders I make

  12. My guy is talking and the time is just going …. NO

  13. Finally I reached 1200. Being stuck at 1400 was annoying.

  14. Very useful video Levy. Thank you very much for posting it.

  15. 2:23 when I do that play with the bishop to 4G, my opponents always respond by pushing a pawn threatening the bishop, but in his videos nobody does that. Why and what should I do in response to the pawn?

  16. can i play with you too? my id is SirShaurya, im just 500 but i wanna try

  17. “I don’t want to make a 40 minute video”. Makes a 32 minute video. I’d still watch it if it was a 40 minute video.

  18. –> @1:12– "I did this specifically because, I didn't want to make like a 40 min video"
    –> proceeds to post a 32 min video

  19. Hello GothamChess, I'm learning a lot watching your videos, thanks!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  20. I really like your older stuff when you wre more humble

  21. 10 seconds on the clock and you check mated him or her.

  22. I am a 900
    but to be honest, playing with 900 for me is to play with grandmasters, but 1000 and 1100 is more easy than 900 btw

  23. Im a new subscriber and so happy I found your channel..

  24. I want to become 16/17 you got me to 14/15

  25. This helped after watching this in 2 weeks I reached 1200 form 1100

  26. Bro after this video i literally reached 1300 from 900 in a week

  27. Id prefer not to loose rating points but thanks anyways 🤣

  28. What I love most, is the fact that you play games against real people! You can watch tutorials till the cows come home, but you learn much more from watching you play.
    Great video. 🎯

  29. At 960 lets assume you know nothing about chess… Sitting here as a 960 after two years of studying….

  30. Here because I'm 900. Stopped playing and lost ELO due to inactivity. Funny enough, I would hang around the mid 1000 range all until one day I went on this miraculous run all until I did make it to 1239.
    I really didn't feel like I did anythong special. I just played solid.
    I was quickly banished to my 1000-1100 plateau in the next three days. Doing things was fun. 😂😂

  31. lets assume that you at 968 know nothing about chess 💀

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