Want to be 2000 in Chess?

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  1. hi levy could you review one of my games?

  2. I thought he's gonna tell how to get 2000 but its gotham anyways

  3. ive been stuck in the 1900s (rapid) for a while, and this vid gave me some confidence to reach that 2000 milestone. thanks Gotham!

  4. Levy Rozman – AKA Gotham Chess – AKA Boa Constrictor !

  5. Thanks leyv i was 1223 and now i am 1157 thanks for everything

  6. thank you for this Gotham! Much Love. Shadow.

  7. Bro you said you gonna help. But I'm more demotivated

  8. Thanks gotham, i was just trying to get my second gm norm for months now i finally got to 2000 because of this video

  9. Gotham you know you my favorite chess media person of all time because some times things you tell the world looks like you speak to me 😂 love your vidoes

  10. Chess is so crazy to me, theres so many levels to this shit

  11. At 29:27 what if u play axb5 then Nxb5 then qc5 that would be threatening the knight and rg3 and then doubling rook

  12. please do more of these instructional vidoes where you say you thoughts out loud and play 2000+ people. so great!

  13. i just watch 40 min video 😂 you are smart but why don't u analys during the much most of your best moves u discovrd thm after u play a not as much good move 😁 thx keep up 👑🐐

  14. I am 1665 or something but I wish to get a rating above 2500. Is there any tips for me to get a high elo.

  15. 25:22 I was genuinely curious but levy never got into analyzing this later so I decided to see for myself and found out that it doesn't fail the evaluation bar is +2.0 if the opponent found that move

  16. Yoo Gotham im on 16 lose streak what should i do

  17. While 2000s seem not that pro just 700 more elo makes them GM.

  18. hi levy how do you choose what suscribers to play with? i would love to play with you im 400 to 500 elo

  19. 3. game endgame Levy: "I hung a pawn" and on the next move instead of making a queen goes back defending the pawn not even realising during the analysis…??? 👍🙂

  20. from 1500 to 2000 in 11 months, no courses, nothing, just playing mode rapid and watch videos of masters sometimes

  21. Im new to chess. In the minute 7:31, the pawn takes the white with a move i dont understand. Can someone explain to me why you can make that move?

  22. Woke people: And maybe I'm nor a Lady Neither a Gentleman ?

  23. I cant tell if he's arrogant or instructive, lol

  24. there may be stronger chess players than you, but no better chess teacher
    Thank you for your great videos!

  25. How to hit 2000: become really good at chess

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