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  1. Omg it worked!! I went from 1800 to 1000, Levy never fails to fail

  2. I’ve played so many games but I’m a hardstuck 500

  3. no levy, i’m 1200.. i don’t want to be 1000

  4. 15:15 with hope chess and having good openings is EXACTLY how I play. “Well they’re low elo what’s the chance they won’t see what I’m doing” and it honestly only works 2/10 times

  5. 25:39 I'm a beginner just been a week playing chess but this shi* is funny as hell

  6. I am afraid to see the other matches and I will pass to a 900 to a 500
    That is annoying!!!

  7. How to work on hope chess
    Plzzz tell me that

  8. Watched this then dropped 150 elo 🙂

  9. As a one thousand elo player. These are amazing tips for starters.

  10. watched this video and one the game, after losing three

  11. When I first started playing chess after not playing chess since I was 12

    (Now im 29)
    I was at 600 elo

    And I just got beat to death playing games over and over and looking at stuff like this and practicing

    I'm now at 875 after 1 year.

    Being 875 suuuuucks at 29

    But it is a 1 year accomplishment and I've played a few 1300 games.

    Sometimes this year I'm gonna buy these courses and eventually try for a solid rating.

  12. Ok, i agree there is some wild shit that happens at 600. But non of my games at that elo look like this

  13. hmm I got to 1000 quite easily. Will try to study some openings and middlegames tactics. maybe I can get to 1500-1600 in the future.

  14. im a 500, but it shows my rating is 1000 in game review. Yet, im stuck at 500.

  15. This is NOT typical 500 600 stuff, and if it is, then I just get the absolute best of the best when I'm ranked here.

  16. I'm rated lower than 500 because I'm terrible, but almost none of my opponents are making blunders this excruciatingly obvious.

  17. Levy should have seen me put 3 pawns on e file. 😂😂😂 To be honest I was proud for a moment.

  18. man I am currently 509 and I NEVER play dudes like this. These people seem much lower.

  19. None of the videos helps 😢. Playing for more than 1 month dropped to 280. Now I am leaving chess with a trauma i could not imagine 😢

  20. Watxhing stuff like this helps me realize that Im not supposed to be so low, because I see stuff like Be2. I just become struggle with seeing each square thats guarded. The last six games that Ive lost were giveaways. It also sucks that Im better on a physical board than a virtual one.

  21. Watching this video after reaching 1000 elo in rapid, thanks Levi your tips really has helped me

  22. Got stuck in the 600's for awhile. Finally made it to 800. Now shooting for 1000

  23. Me: Watches this, gets confident, and starts a game

    Opponent! Plays something unexpected

    Me: Hey thats not in the script!

  24. The second game of white looks like me lol

  25. I was 800 and not im 650 😢 thankyou

  26. Do you think Levy as a coach in person is like: "Alright, that's it. Now get outta here."?

  27. My gosh. Coming back half an hour later and everyone resigns and every game mated. Best video and elo is flying!

  28. these 500 elo you show are not the 500 i play

  29. I'm at 999 elo in rapid right now… SO CLOSE

    Edit: 1004 ELO NOW 😀 Time for a celebration🎉 Thank you Gotham for being a great teacher!!!!

  30. My biggest issue is moving without looking first. However I am getting better just broke 900 today.

  31. My top three openings
    1. Van kruijs
    2.Scandinavian W Levy
    3. Ponzanani

  32. people above 1000 elo be like :
    6th way- is to lose as many games as you can to reach to 1000 elo

  33. Me being filipino and seeing game 2 player name 😭💀

  34. levy is a like a nervous doctor
    "uhh are u uhh blind to thosoe stuff"

  35. used to be around 900 to 1000 but dropped to 700 after not playing for a long time this vid will hopefully help me get back to 1000

  36. i got to 1000 and beyond but always felt like it was partly luck and that id rebound back again. at that level winning always felt like luck.

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