Vishy Anand grabs the queen | Anand vs Aronian | Levitov Chess Week 2023

Vishy Anand played against Levon Aronian at the Levitov Chess Week 2023 and opened with 1.e4. Levon responded back with the Najdorf. It was a game filled with such fantastic moments of attack and defence and also great opening ideas. You must definitely check out the battle along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah. Also don’t miss the moment where Vishy grabs the queen when his pawns are about to queen!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Bro, pls don't play 1 e4 against Anand if you are under 2800

  2. Mediocre gm nothing special with aronian. Please someone arrange my Meeting with aronian.

  3. My favorite player of all time. A class act always.

  4. Aronian used to be mostly a double-e pawn player. I still doubt that he's as effective on the black side of the Najdorf Sicilian.

  5. Good point about Mr. Anand adjusting pieces with both hands, lol, I never noticed that until today. I would prefer adjusting with one hand…I like the feeling of resting on my left elbow and adjusting only with my dominant right hand.

  6. Dos ídolos, los más carismáticos del ajedrez jugando entre ellos

  7. When legend arrives .. even the players across the table stares..

  8. Thats smooth.. aronian didnt even blundered, still some inaccuries made him lose the match.. huh such inaccuracies play huge role in these gm's games

  9. The video title is appropriate only because of the thumbnail…😂😂

  10. Partai terbaik dari para mantan pecatur terbaik dunia.
    Anand vs Aronian
    Spiderman spiderman
    Help me
    Im Not Robot..
    The best game
    Salam satu hati

    Ok im fine

  11. Can we name this Anand's grab gambit 😂

  12. Where I'm from, grabbing a queen would land you in jail😂

  13. sagar pretending to know openings but using a engine to suggest the move is funny af

  14. 11:33 the 4th, 5th and 6th highest rated chess players of the history in one frame

  15. These two are the most gentle chess players in chess world.

  16. It is mad to play Najdorf against Anand as he used to prepare a lot with white against Kasparov in the past and knows all the tricks and traps inside out.

  17. Vishy is scary. At 50+ performing at the highest level almost effortlessly, is simply amasing.

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