Using Magnus Carlsen to CHEAT in Chess

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#ludwig #magnuscarlsen #chess


  1. Dam I thought I was better at chess than Ludwig but nah, I downloaded and I'm only in the 300s lol

  2. Magnus: I am their friend.
    Me, at a bar: Have you heard of my friend? The best chess player in the world?

  3. The Candidates : Duking it out for a shot at the world champion

    The Current Champion : Ayy Ludwig, wanna game?

  4. Magnus and Ludwig have the best chemistry for comedy, they are so different yet compliment each other so perfectly

  5. Ludwig trying to cheat: “a quebishopknightpawn, which one did you hear magnus?”
    Magnus: “honestly im thinking about king move”

  6. magnus getting more involved with twitch is an amazing career move

  7. Magnus wants his pfp to be a trollface is what i took from this

  8. Magnus Carlsen is a handsome fella, I'd let him take my pawn any day

  9. Qubishopknightpawn made it so hard to not burst out laughing on public transport right now. I actually cannot breathe.

  10. Anyone else focusing on the facecams instead of the board the entire time?

  11. Magnus is wholesome and would like to watch him chill stream more

  12. Lud with the biggest of brains "I'm not good enough to know I'm bad yet."

  13. And this is the day I became magnus carlsen’s friend

  14. Magnus: World Chess champion
    Also Magnus: I’m a magician

  15. Ok so xqc and Hikaru vs Ludwig and Magnus when?

  16. "The difference between you and me, I am their friend" 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Ludwig looks like Magnus’s little brother hahaha

  18. So far you seem like the first NORMAL streamer, who's just entertaining. I hope you stick to that and keep things natural, so sick of all the sell outs being animated like some cartoon for viewers. I get it, but it's not good content for adults lol…

  19. I know chess isn’t the most famous thing in the world but still, growing up in the spotlight is probably strange. Gotta say, I like magnus’s attitude.

  20. This is time stamp is for myself in the future when I want to hear the greatest chess player cry out in agony because he doesn’t know how to tech 13:00.

  21. Magnus every time he realises that some people are shit at chess 🤨🤨

  22. These female chess players look like a certain type of Twitch streamer

  23. Magnus the end game wizard in game 4 vs Ludwig the "never gets to balanced end game" 1200 player

  24. Bra that rook blunder had me rolling 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭

  25. Damn I didn’t c that. I got to remember that type of move

  26. I never thought Chess could be this fun! Lol

  27. Highkey more excited about a Magnus collab than the Shroud one at this point

  28. why did i feel slightly uncomfortable watching this whole video?

  29. Ludwig: Quebishopknightpawn, what did you hear from that magnus?
    Magnus: King

  30. It hasn't even been 3 minutes and Magnus wants him to play the Bongcloud – just the ultimate meme lord

  31. I don't even know how to play chess but this is enertaining

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