Using Magnus Carlsen to CHEAT in Chess

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#ludwig #magnuscarlsen #chess


  1. “You don’t do any of that castling shit anyways right Ludwig”-The best chess player ever

  2. Man gets an enormous amount of cash and becomes friends with the world chess champion… what

  3. Damn this magnus guy seems pretty good at chess

  4. i had no idea what was going on the whole video but it was funny

  5. "I'm not good enough to know I'm bad"
    (c) Ludwig 2021 A.C

  6. When I read the title, I thought he wasn’t going to tell them who was guiding him.

  7. What a time to be alive, the world’s Chess champion streaming on YouTube with other streamers, just awesome

  8. Quabishopknightpawn is my favourite chess piece too

  9. when magnus carlsen says this castling shit

  10. no cap when i saw the thumbnail and he said he cheats using magnus, i thought of the idea of going to a game, and play a game, but u copy ur opponent move and do it to a magnus bot, ez win

  11. Botez sisters are most overrated streamers.. Giving Hikaru shit about playing with streamers and the moment they taste the clout they do the same

  12. The fact that the greatest chess player alive doesn’t know how to change his Twitter picture might be peak comedy

  13. 24:36 Alex being so stressed that she started speaking Romanian 😂😂😂

  14. Came for botez sisters and magnus ludwig seems douchie sometimes off or on cam lol sorry.

  15. How can someone who streams chess for a living still be so bad?

  16. Lud is fkn terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible ….. lmfao

  17. Lud and magnus are like the 2 best buds at a party that don’t know they’re getting hit on by girls cuz they’re having to much fun together

  18. Lol I love how Magnus understood that Ludwig's crazy doesn't work everytime

  19. mort Goldman from Family Guy is the Voice of LUDWIG

  20. I always hate when my opponent uses Magnus Carlsen to cheat, so annoying…

  21. Magnus’ reaction to the rook blunder is priceless

  22. Playing for fun,Bobby Fischer is smiling from his grave

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