Using Magnus Carlsen to CHEAT in Chess

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#ludwig #magnuscarlsen #chess


  1. HiO00000)00000000000000p00000ppp000p9p9oio78yjyugjyuyughhgfffrtrftdgff

  2. I would pay so much to do this with Magnus 😂

  3. Just Some Random Guy that Eats Fritos and Cheese says:

    Let’s all agree that Magnus is just a big child

  4. I love how their webcams are just like
    | 🙂 |
    | 🙂 |
    | 🙂 |
    | 🙂 |

  5. I may be crazy, but i swear i heard zelda music around 7:50 .. .. ..

  6. Idea orbitalracer and Gotham vs Ludwig and hikaru

  7. I would like to see the full stream. Does anybody have a link?

  8. Random haters : Dude you're cheating

    Ludwig : i see content

  9. tbh idk know if anyone found mate in any games but i did

  10. The getting over it music on the background 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. I love the fact that i am interested in chess now because this is hilarious 😂

  12. 8:46 I would've played Pawn f6 then exchange Pawnand it will be M1 as the Queen and Rook lines up on the H file
    ( After taking Pawn with Bishop Alexandra will think her D4 Pawn is pinned and under attack :] )

  13. Did ludwig get caught cheating with magnus?

  14. Magnus’s mic quality is just so unironically funny

  15. They maybe a gm,wgm, and a high rated player

    But ludwig is the bob Fischer of streaming

  16. I saw this live and it was painful how many technical difficulties Magnus had

  17. everybody: chatting
    magnus: i forgot to change the stream title

  18. He was cheating
    "with what engine"
    magnus carlsen
    "thats not an engine"

  19. bro ludwig cant go a day playing chess without using someone to play for him

  20. I remember the botez's going against mobamba 604 1 time lol

  21. " I am not good enough to know that I am bad yet " words by Ludwig .

  22. I'm not good enough to know im bad yet-Ludwig 2021

  23. Lud: "Im gonna have to trust your position".
    Magnus " I M a maGiCian".

  24. Bro the fact he didn’t see the rock is so dumb

  25. Magnus playing chess for the first time:yo this a cool move BRILLIANT

  26. I love the Botez sisters.
    Imagine being so smart and attractive that you can make chess cool again.
    My current favourite youtubers.
    Genetic lottery winners.

  27. This video should be titled four people with autism

  28. It’s like play a match in the streets with Ronaldo man

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