Turning a Log into a $1500 Chess Board…

I’ve made custom shoes for famous creators like Mr. Beast and Kai Cenat, but today I’m doing something a little different for someone truly special. I’m making a custom chess set complete with board and pieces for my grandpa!

#marko #custom #chess

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Day 1, cutting the wood
02:20 – Day 2, learning to carve
04:17 – Days 3 and 4, making pieces
05:00 – Day 5, assembling the board
06:45 – Staining
08:05 – Time to play!

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  1. If any of y'all have ever used a lathe you have to know how INSANE it is that he learned it fast ENOUGH to make uniform chess pieces OFF THE RIP…. THAT'S CRAZY ARTISTIC TALENT…

  2. the part where he stopped to eat the watermelon😂😂😂😂😂😂you must really love watermelon. by the way you are so talented man, you are really gonna be something successful in life man.

  3. This is so wildly impressive. Your grandfather's expression radiates with pride. You did so well.

  4. What language are yall speaking when yall are playing the game

  5. Marko odakle si ja nisam znao da pričaš srpski ili hrvatski

  6. Ow im bleeding😂😂 youre a living genius men

  7. nobody's gonna talk about how he licked the glue off his finger like it was nothing?

  8. the fact that no one is talking abt how he just ate glue?!?!?!?!??!?

  9. No matter how famous you get by doing what you love, never forget where you come from and the family that helped support you in your journey. Nice to see you have that connection with your grandfather

  10. Bravo brate Marko svaka cast dedin osmijeh vrijedio je truda 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  11. Weird question… but does anyone know what’s the font he used for the “day 1…” subtitle 😂?

  12. no matter how many chess sets you make, you'll never beat him lol. but, great job!

  13. Stop the end song self flattery please.

  14. Wait a minute, you siad you have a darker piece of the same thing. Then you said one was pine and the other one is oak.

  15. Marko ja sam iz bosne odakle si ti porijeklom pozdravi djeda

  16. So nobody is going to talk about the way he ate glue🤔 in day five

  17. I woukd have given up from the jump when things werent looking good but you pushed through and at the end, it was so worth it… keep up the good work ❤❤

  18. Shit man! I didn' t know that you was nas covjece!

  19. Knights are tricky to make- but so cool seeing how vastly different everyone makes them. Almost impossible to make two look the same haha gj mate!

  20. But would you do a $300 mancala board for this mid class citizen? Lmao I love mancala boards and always wanted a custom made one!!

  21. You grendfather is for ? I am for croatia

  22. give me another 1M likes I will give them all to this video, Organic< Natural things in life and very simple (not the chess board) LOL

  23. Are u from any part of Balkan by any chance?

  24. Great job dude 👏!!!! Looks amazing ! Also you made your grandpa proud !!!

  25. you have so mutch tallent , thanks for sharing whit us

  26. Your serbo-croato-montenegrian-bosnian-slovako-bulgarian is quite good, i was surprised hahaha

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