TRICKY Chess Opening for Black Against 1.d4 [Unstoppable Attack]

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🔹 Chess Opening: Englund Gambit 1.d4 e5 | Traps and Ideas –

In this video lesson, we will explore an aggressive chess opening for Black against the White’s first move 1.d4. If you are playing 1.d4 yourself as White or if you are looking for an aggressive way to counter 1.d4 as Black, then you are going to love this!

GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the Englund Gambit, which happens after the first moves 1.d4 e5. Black’s idea is to avoid the traditional closed queen’s pawn games and create an open game with tactical chances, but at the cost of a pawn.

This will be a surprise for your opponents who play 1.d4 looking for a more positional game with strategic ideas. In this video lesson, you will learn the Blackburne–Hartlaub Gambit, which happens after 2.dxe5 d6, aiming for quick development after 3.exd6 Bxd6.

► Chapters

00:00 Aggressive Chess Opening for Black Against 1.d4
00:21 Englund Gambit 1.d4 e5: Why?
01:49 2…d6 – Blackburne-Hartlaub Gambit
03:46 White loses their Queen: Can you find it?
04:34 Black’s Winning Attack on Kingside
07:06 Line-2: If White plays 6.Bg5
09:05 Tip: How to find Attacking Moves
09:50 Line-3: If White plays 3.Nf3, not 3.exd6
11:55 Thank you for your support!

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  1. Don't rest your hopes on this, White takes your queen pawn 9% of the time. The other 91%, he kicks your butt.

  2. thank you so much Igor i tend to think i'm attacking but i'm just over reacting.

  3. Thank you so' much''' Mr. Igor…., i appreciate your Style' so much… i've gotten to 700' rating, but have fell back…. , Chess Has gotten a lot tougher '' since' more info' thru'' youtube.. etc.. GODBLESS.. Please continue''' , with your Knowledge'''. love''' in GOD'' GARY GUNTER

  4. At 11:37 what is the best move if White goes Qe3+? Thanks and great video!

  5. What is the difference between between blackburne-hartlaub gambit and hartlaub-charlick gambit??

  6. As a London player, I hate you. Thanks for the great chess content though

  7. What if W doesn’t take d6 but does Nf3 and Qd5 instead?:
    1. d4 e5 2. dxe5 d6 3. Nf3 Nc6 4. Qd5 ??

  8. I think that after:
    1. d4
    2. e5
    3. dxe5
    4. d6
    5. nf3
    6. nc6
    7. bg5

    I don't think there's any way for black to end up with compensation or a lead in development.
    Best options I can see are either qd7 which blocks in your bishop and loses a tempo, or be7 – which after exchanges you're just down a pawn with a worse position.
    I'd love to hear a way to refute 7. bg5 though! I like the idea of this opening. Thanks for the video!

  9. 4:06 if white castles oo, Bh2+ KxB (or NxB leading to more trades after) and RxQ, gaining Q+P for R+B.

  10. What if my opponent refuses to castle? I’m at the point where the pawn is trying to chase away my light squared bishop. Everything else is mostly the same but his e pawn is on e4

    Also this video was great! I can’t believe it worked exactly as you said. I’ve decided to memorize this. I used to be terrified of gambits

  11. What if he moves the pawn to e6 instead of eating yours at d6?

  12. Surely in the first example on move 6 white played e3, doesn't 6Ne4 solve alot of whites potential problems,ie getting rid of blacks dark square bishop on d6, if the Bishop moves then white just plays Qxd8, queen's of and a clear pawn up,for example blacks best move is…6Bb4+, then 7c3 Qxd1, 8Kxd1 0-0-0+,9 Ke1 and white has the advantage ie plus 1.50,also I think this line is refuted totally if white just castles queenside, yes if white plays into blacks hands and castles kingside and let's black take control,then yes this can be very tricky for white, but in alot of lines white can solve the problems with the simple but effective Ne4! Basically getting rid of that potentially dangerous BSB.
    This opening is OK for speed chess,blitz,bullet etc etc,but it's no good for standard long play chess in my opinion.

  13. what to do when the white plays 3:45 with the knight d5 after our Queen on e2?

  14. Thank you Igor, you are my chess guru.

  15. I see: if White castles short, Black: B – A2, winning White's Queen! Love this opening! Thanks for sharing

  16. i alaways like your videos ..surprised i didnt subscribe some time ago already

  17. 11:24 if blacks queen goes f6 won’t the pawn be a threat either xc7 or d7

  18. Thanks for sharing. Your cat always protect your back.😂😂

  19. Salute to this man.. teaching genuine stuff. No hyped hollow gambit lines

  20. Dear Igor Smirnov, I would like to see a video on countering the catalan opening. Can u please do that?

  21. i am 1500 bt still struggeling for my opening against d4. give me good suggestions

  22. 4:17 bishop takes h2 with the check so they can't move the queen and you simply capture it on the next move

  23. White loses his Queen by those moves:
    1.Bxh2+ Nxh2 or Kxh2
    2.Rxd1 Rxd1

  24. This basically gives black a 4-3 minority on the king side which is a losing endgame.

  25. Igor, please do a video to show more ifs… Like what to do if he premature castles?

  26. Hello!!! Your videos are very very good 👍
    I have a question.
    If in 3:44 position white play knight d5 how can black respond?
    Thank you

  27. After White castles, I would play Bxh2+, discovered attack on White's queen

  28. What do you do if they never take your second pawn at the beginning

  29. Your cat doesnt seem impressed with your opening!🤣
    Maybe she is more of a Nimzo Indian player!

  30. mr igor please put how to beat ruy lopez🏴‍☠

  31. Is capturing with the C7 pawn to D6 instead of bishop and castling king side bad?

  32. What should we do if the knight c3 goes to b5 before queen side can be developed

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