TRICKY Chess Opening for Black Against 1.d4 [Unstoppable Attack]

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🔹 Chess Opening: Englund Gambit 1.d4 e5 | Traps and Ideas –

In this video lesson, we will explore an aggressive chess opening for Black against the White’s first move 1.d4. If you are playing 1.d4 yourself as White or if you are looking for an aggressive way to counter 1.d4 as Black, then you are going to love this!

GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the Englund Gambit, which happens after the first moves 1.d4 e5. Black’s idea is to avoid the traditional closed queen’s pawn games and create an open game with tactical chances, but at the cost of a pawn.

This will be a surprise for your opponents who play 1.d4 looking for a more positional game with strategic ideas. In this video lesson, you will learn the Blackburne–Hartlaub Gambit, which happens after 2.dxe5 d6, aiming for quick development after 3.exd6 Bxd6.

► Chapters

00:00 Aggressive Chess Opening for Black Against 1.d4
00:21 Englund Gambit 1.d4 e5: Why?
01:49 2…d6 – Blackburne-Hartlaub Gambit
03:46 White loses their Queen: Can you find it?
04:34 Black’s Winning Attack on Kingside
07:06 Line-2: If White plays 6.Bg5
09:05 Tip: How to find Attacking Moves
09:50 Line-3: If White plays 3.Nf3, not 3.exd6
11:55 Thank you for your support!

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  1. What should we do if the knight c3 goes to b5 before queen side can be developed

  2. Thank you for being so innovative and inspiring. A question: what would you recommend after 1. d4 e5 2. dxe5 d6 3. Nf3 Nc6 4. Bg5?

  3. Thank you igor for your exceptional service 😮

  4. Question: I try to keep up with my son playing chess and he would always challenge the move bishop g4 with pawn f3 pushin my bishop. What to do in this case? Bishop to rank 4 as black feels giving tempo to my son. Any lessons on that?

  5. May ask if this move is good :Aftter white knight #f3 black bishop to #b4 essentialy targeting the king which may force the enemy to trade and make the king unable to castle.

  6. What if white doesn’t bring out his second knight in this sequence?

  7. Great lessons. I really appreciate your efforts.

  8. Your cat was not impressed with this video. 😂

    Actually time skipped to see his ears move slightly and its not a porcelain cat.

    Thanks for all the great videos!

  9. Very good. Only new but learning heaps. Thanks

  10. Actually the Englund mainline starting with 2… Nc6 and 3…Qe7 leads to a pawn capture on b2 and after some moves Black has a solid position, where both sides can manouvre. The traps that White can fall for are just occasional and nothing that Black has to rely on. It's just great if they work.

  11. Great strategy, thank you. Sorry to hear that about your channel, it's a blessing to see you up and running again!

  12. Igor’s cat:slllleeeeeeeeeeeeep igor:talking about how to win against d4

  13. what if white pushes the pawn to d7 instead in the last variation???

  14. If white castles you sac your bishop to win the queen

  15. I wanted to try this out but white didnt take the 2nd pawn 🤣 they moved Bf4 instead now i don't know what to do 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Solution for 4:19, bXa2+, knight takes and then you nab their queen with the discovered attack RXd1.

  17. By putting the bishop in g4 against the knight in f3, the opponent can move a pawn to h3 in the earlier estages of the opening, that doesnt affect the plans for the gambit?

  18. Love this video. Ran into an early h3 that I was unsure how best to respond to. r2qk1nr/ppp2ppp/2nb4/8/4P1b1/5N1P/PPP2PP1/RNBQKB1R b KQkq – 0 6

  19. You're a phenomenal teacher! Thanks for this

  20. What if white develop queen side knight first and then after you take with the bishop they go Nb5, attacking your bishop? Would this not lead to a pretty bad position for black?

  21. Hi hi Igor, nice video, good to know, but I am afraid, it will not work against stronger opponent which will not accept gambit like it is showend in third example. If You guys will check the board at 11:48, after black queen took a white bishop on d3, than white queen has got dangerous move to h5, attacking unprotected bishop on h4, unprotected pawn on h2 and stoping black from castling to queen side due to occupied black diagonal. And thats is too many problems for black to be able to say, that black achieve advantage. Black queen could have move to f3 for queens change offer, or to b4 to deliver check with taking pawn on b2 afterwards (attacking white rock and protecting black g2 pawn.

  22. Yet my opponents play pawn c4 after I attack the pawn. Now what

  23. It is a good video
    ANS:B*h2+ white looses the QUEEN

  24. Best and simple defense i saw on youtube… This lessons is just short and crisp and prevent from unknown opening in queens pawn opening and provide comforts in play and also this opening is such a opening is a response to all that d4 players who try to beat me everytime and i cant do anything since 4 years and plans a solution despite trying all variations in QBD. Thanks Igor for providing such a great and high quality content for free.. salute to you and love from India… Hope i will beat many players with this opening ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Hello from Canada. Because of this Video I have Just won my first rated OTB tournament game as black today . I just want to say thank you so much.

  26. ×bh2+ deflects the king, opens up d file file for xrd1

  27. This is brilliant. Even if the game develops differently, it doesn’t seem to matter. You are in such an advantageous position. Works great and it is such a socket because the first two moves seem so childish.

  28. 4:18 bishop c2, because he is now checked and he has to stop the check but his queen is now unprotected.

  29. I'm so sorry that you were hacked one year ago! You are the best teacher I have ever experienced. I am over 70 YO and would love to join your chess classes, but will have to be content with watching (repeatedly) your superb videos. Thanks Igor!!!

  30. No no, acctualy, this is very poor oppening, more less, it is suitable just for beginners. Igor you shall not teach people to go for such a poor oppenings for black. I believe, that less skield players will take with white pawn blacks pawns in two first moves, but more less, each more skiled player will go for a line 3 from the video. And after you set blacks queen on f6, than white pawn just move ond7 with the check, black king has to move to black squre and than the pin is comming- white dark bishop to g5, pinnig the queen to king and black lost after few moves. Very poor deffence for black, white wins easily. please, do not teach chess players such a mistakes… Thank You.

  31. I'll admit, I hate it when my opponent opens with d4. When they do, I will usually just do the usual d5 knight f6 boring chess opening. The only other opening I play against d4 as black is the Dutch defense, but I don't like too, so at least this video will give me something else when white plays d4 (which I hate).

  32. I just need one last piece of the puzzle! You stopped right at the position I always get to when I play this system. From position… 11:25 My opponents never protect the b2 pawn, instead they defend their bishop with e3. Help! It has always been a bad idea for me to actually take the B2 pawn in this situation. It's not really good. What to play after black moves e3 here?!

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