TOP 8 BEST Chess Openings

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0:00 Intro and White Openings
13:45 Black Openings

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  1. I know the best defence is the french revelutien defence

  2. video is absolutely trash because I've tried these and they do work at times but they definitely aren't the best and there are a lot of others that are better and this should be for beginners not in general


  3. Will you have the Dutch soon or Chessly, or maybe it is already and I missed it ?

  4. i tend to struggle so bad with openings and more so why to move a certain way. I just got destroyed by 3 people just from not understanding their openings! i feel doomed in chess

  5. Thanks to this video I just beat somebody so bad in the opening with black that the game was aborted and now the servers don’t work 😅😂 thank you Levy for helping me play like a 1200 when I’m barely 500 ❤️

  6. you never finished explaining for the first one what happens if they move pawn to d3?

  7. What is this variation of the dutch with the queenside fianchetto called? I can't seem to find any information on it…

  8. My friend Always Play the fried Liver and now imao stomp Him i Hope

  9. 25:24 "Any complaints about this position?" Well, maybe White does …

    BTW, you might want to think about talking a little bit faster.

  10. I just went from 400 because I didn’t know openings to 1400 😂

  11. sorry Levy, but what if the opponent checks you with queen to e5 what can you do after that?

  12. And love you chess video I learned a lot from your videos

  13. A question. Maybe I am blind and stupid, but in 6:03 time, what if the black king moves to F6? Then you cannot reach him with the knight and this whole plan for taking the black queen just does not work right? Or is there a reason why the black king can't do this move?

  14. which sicilian to play if you are 1600 elo player

  15. I'm hoping I can use this against the chess club bullies who keep stealing my lunch money

  16. noob question: why doesn't the pawn black pawn take white pawn f4 in the vienna?

  17. i played vienn aand my opennent resign in 14 moves

  18. what if during vienna opening the opponent plays the queen what should we do then?

  19. The vienna gambit just cost me my queen! All black had to do was move their knight to the rim, then upon losing it, move their queens pawn up! Allowing the light squared bishop out and leaving your queen immobile, except for moving straight back to where you started! If you dont move it, all black has to do then is to push their G pawn up one square to completely remove your queen from the game! Thanks gotham!

  20. @GothamChess thank you, my elo just skyrocketed from 490 to 560 in 1 day

  21. I always thought the idea behind the name "fried liver attack" is that you must be so drunk to play this bold opening that the alcohol is literally frying your liver.

  22. The problem is, I can't use these at 300 elo cause during the openeing someone will probably just play a random pawn or queen move and it doesn't work anymore

  23. and then after putting white first, people say racism is dead today…

  24. Just tell it in a simple fucking concept dude.

  25. Very nice, very concise- sincere thanks to you sir

  26. Giga chad dragon sicilian working on both sides

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