Top 5 Chess Opening TRAPS in the London System!

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the top 5 chess opening traps in the London System for White. The London System is a chess opening for White that can be used against virtually any Black defense, where White usually plays the following setup: 1.d4 2.Nf3 3.Bf4 4.e3 5.c3.

The London System opening is extremely popular nowadays mainly because of its simplicity and the rock-solid pawn structure for White in the center.

These traps are of high quality, meaning that you don’t play any bad moves, desperately hoping for your opponent to fall for the traps. Rather, you play very solid moves so you get a great position even if your opponents don’t fall for the traps.

Whether you play the London System as White, or wish to give it a shot after watching this, or want to be aware of this trap as Black, you’re going to love this video lesson!

► Chapters

00:00 Top 5 Chess Opening Traps in London System
00:56 Trap-1: Mainline of the London System
01:59 Exploiting Black’s weakness
05:25 White’s nasty checkmating attack
06:23 Trap-2: If Black tries to push e5
09:12 Trap-3: Deadly kingside attack
10:56 GM Smirnov won 3 games with this trap
12:45 Trap-4: If Black develops Bg4 earlier
14:10 Reversed Cambridge Springs Trap
15:38 Trap-5: If Black plays symmetrically
18:58 Puzzle of the day: can you find the win?

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  1. Wtf i watched the first trap, and as black I could play f5 and Qg6. Im a beginner. I’m actually disappointed.

  2. Most people take the bishop on g3 in my games. I'm only 1000 elo, and I win 80 percent of the time when they do

  3. I will start playing the London system just to try these haha

  4. 19:05 Puzzle: took b8. If king takes queen c7 is mate. If black decides to take back with bishop, rook f8 pinning blacks rook to the king again. If black decides to move their rook again off the b file to take, queen b7 is still mate, and if he decides to play anything else, rook takes on b8, king takes back, and queen c7 is once again mate

  5. with the London system i always end up in a good middle game but i don't what to do after that but now💀

  6. I didn't know this was called the London System. I play my pawns and knights in a similar way. I was just trying new things in games. I've seen the set up many times on the black side, where you have pawn-bishop-knight-pawn or some variation. What is this system called? I need to learn how to defend against it better.

  7. at 6:18 black can move either pawns in front of king and stop mate, right ??

  8. Qxa7+, Qxa7, Rxa7+, Kxa7, Ra5++. Rook on b8 keeps king from moving and pawn has b7 covered so king is mated

  9. Re5
    Is quite disturbing
    If he tried to take with the rook or the queen it's a mate

  10. Awesome video man. I just started learning about two weeks ago.. still not sure what to study but just been gathering how people think about the game in different positions so far.

  11. Great video! Excellent breakdown of the London. I'll watch this a few more times to absorb properly but this is some well thought out stuff!

  12. Puzzle: 1. Ra7 Qa7 2. Ra5 Black has no defense.

  13. Great to see all comments are about The Game and not about the cat in background

  14. Is not there like 3 solution to final puzzle? 😂😂 Rxa7 wins ra5 wins and even rfb5 wins. And even qxa7 qxa7 rxa7 … Ra5#

  15. You are the best chess youtuber hands down. Your content is incredibly informative, you present that information in a very logical and easy to consume manner, and you take into account the bad moves that nearly all players below 2100 will fall into and you give that relevant information the proper focus and detail that it deserves. I specifically appreciate the way you are able to show us all of the different lines without making it confusing, they're just natural continuations and alterations to the greater game.

  16. Of all the youtubers. . . This channel is so calm, informative and delightful to watch. Great work.

  17. Puzzle Solution:
    1. (W) Ra7 – (B)Qa7
    2. Ra5 – If black captures white's Queen, Qa6 then Rook captures the black's queen (Ra6) and its mate.
    if black moves the rook at Rb7, capture it by white queens Qb7 and its mate. Black's queen cannot capture it since it is pinned !!!

  18. 15:38 — you commend me for my patience? 😀
    But watching was effortless, I enjoyed every minute of your video, the content was outstandingly informative for a beginner like myself, and presented in such a clear and captivating way. Many thanks for uploading sir. If I had more leisure time, I would register for your masterclass.

  19. Very interesting and knowledgeable! I've been playing London system, but I haven't known that here is so much traps and motives. Just a small question – 12:28 what about playing B:g5 instead of R:f4? I think that B:g5 and next N:e5 and white have rook against knight and better position but can't checkmate black easily. Am I right or have I missed somtehing?Very interesting and knowledgeable! I've been playing London system, but I haven't known that here is so much traps and motives. Just a small question – 12:28 what about playing B:g5 instead of R:f4? I think that B:g5 and next N:e5 and white have rock for knight and better position but can't checkmate black easily. Am I right or have I missed something?

  20. Try with chess engine…another result

  21. GM,I won all my games today with the London system.i just learnt it today.its really sharp

  22. Rook of f5tob5. Create a battery of rook and attack at the last column

  23. Puzzle: 1. Rxa7 Qxa7 2. Ra5 if. 2. …. Qxa6 3. Rxa6+ White win. If 2. …… Rb7 3. c6xRb7 + Kb8 4. Qxa7 white win

  24. At 3.07 min I think that e5 is protected from duble attack with c6

  25. Sir i am black to win play with whIte

  26. Sir your chess game is very good isee also your game

  27. How this position ever possible ? Unless if it's virtual ? Theoretical ?

  28. we should one trap in only one game right

  29. Alex thank you for your videos. I have a question on this videos segment where you state the similarity of whites position to a reverse Slav. I do not see why black cannot play QA5? The white queen is unprotected…and black is protected by his knight. Peace, Mike

  30. PUZZLE: Rxa7+, Qxa7, Ra5, Qxa6, Rxa6#. If Queen doesn't take Queen on a6, and the Rook moves to b6, then cxb6+, Kb8, Qxa7#.

  31. How does one deliver the ‘nasty checkmate’ with the rook and bishop as referred to between 3:15 and 3:25??

  32. white goes rook b8 check
    black plays rook e8xb8
    white plays rook f8
    if black captures queen b7 checkmate
    if it plays anything else than rook f8 x b8
    black plays king b8 and takes the rook
    white plays queen b7 checkmate

  33. @6:19 after sacrificing the biship, f5, Qh4, Qg6 stops checkmate I think (knowing me, I'm probably missing something lol)? Still not the most comfortable spot and you won a bishop

  34. 12:28, explain what to do when black plays the move Rf5. I got exact same situation except Knight was on e8, but opponent played Rf5 and I couldn't figure out what to do, but eventually got my saced pieces back but no mate.

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