TOP 3 BENEFITS of Playing Chess

I want to hear your biggest benefits of playing chess! Drop a comment with your biggest takeaways from your chess journey. My biggest three are mental sharpness, delayed gratification, and resilience. Video has the explanation of why I chose these three! Look out for a full-length video going through more benefits soon!

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  1. Benefits for human soul, 1. Chess is like war you become more tactical in real sports, 2. It shows you hot/cold, when you lose your head get stress and feel hot, if you win you feel good and likely to blunder cause of that, 3. Burns calories if you play properly

  2. Just like Babe Ruth said "Every strike brings me closer to the next homerun"

    That's how you become a master at chess, you have to lose many times in order to learn how to master it.

  3. The 4th Biggest Benefit are also GIVING ME HEADACHES! (but i still love chess tho 😉

  4. Wow no script at all but tho it is true and you forgot another thing slamming a desk when you're aponent plays a billion brilliant moves and loss or loss a game in disconnection or fighting a straight up GOD!!!!!

  5. "sit at the chess board and play with yourself" -magnus carlsen

  6. 1 mental sharpness
    2.delayed grafitation
    3 resilience

  7. Chess is all about learning from experiences and mistakes. In order to get better you have to lose and learn from mistakes which will make you more resilient and not to give up so easily

  8. You go insane and makes homeless more bearable.

  9. My biggest weakness- blundering my queen every damn time

  10. To me it broked me mentally many sharp players out their i can't even come close to them it's frustrating

  11. Never resign If you opponent is winning

  12. Easy no Brainer anwsers how do I know that you ask oh I read it of my moniter pretty no Brainer am I right😅

  13. It improves my ability to think under pressure

  14. Gambling with your emotions, if win, it feels great, feels like we own the world, but when lose, it is really not healthy for my phone

  15. Going insane helps me forget about reality!!

  16. Going insane helps me forget about reality!!

  17. i became more insane, and everyday feels like the same day

  18. And you can destroy your opponent with facts and logic

  19. You are seeing the script I got u 😂😂

  20. Utilitarianism, pinned comment, reply no 6

  21. i am constantly losing every game what to do 😔😔 (elo 1050)

  22. I learnt how not to throw my phone when i lose to a computer 😅… but seriously playing chess has some sort of dopamine effect on me and helps me to study

  23. 3rd one because i lose in my tournament😢 bit iam going to play that tournent again today10-9-2023wish me luck by liking my comment

  24. Can anyone help me play chess my brain can easily defend without much thought but as soon as i start being aggressive i blunder almost instantly

  25. 1. Never giving up.
    2. Don't rush
    3. Calculate your moves

  26. I mostly win when playing chess, sometimes I resign because i got somethings to do or class started

  27. 1. Visualisation: you can imagine things better
    2. Prediction/manipulation: you learn how to predict your opponent and manipulate your opponent into doing something you want them to do by baiting them or do something else
    3.calculations skills: pretty obvious

  28. Blundering in chess tournaments is like a hard punch in the face.

  29. 1: IQ, I feel like my IQ has increased a bit since I started playing chess in 2019, my reaction time, process in thinking, and the way I think calculating patterns has helped me a lot.

    2: patience, playing chess takes a lot of patience, i feel like chess has helped me in that area.

    3: mental sharpness

  30. I think games are games nothing much beyond that

  31. It helps with dementia
    It helps with adhd
    It increases mental age
    Helps with intellectual thinking and iq
    Helps with focus
    And there’s even more I can’t name because it would take to long

  32. I lose learned around 100 times and waiting for the improvement and win now. Please

  33. Depression, Frustration,Demotivation, Addiction, Procastination, Agression, Insomnia… and list goes on and on.

  34. I learned a lot more losing…than winning. I've played sinceci was a kid, currently still playing Chess to me is relaxing, fun, and definitely keeps me focused and sharp.

  35. Your attention span will increase for sure 👀😂

  36. chess is definitely a healthy game for the mind.

  37. Mental speed:im faster at thinking
    Reaction speed:i have a fasrer reaction from bullet games
    Prediction:im able to predict my opponents next move

  38. I got a headache just looking at chess games😂

  39. Here’s three things

    1. It helps me focus

    2. it enhances my memory

    3. It helps me stay calm

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