Top 3 Attacking Ideas Every Beginner Overlooks

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares 3 simple tips for launching effective attacks in chess. He also addresses common misconceptions that often stops players from reaching 2000 ELO rating and beyond.

Throughout the lesson, you will learn the best attacking strategy, accompanied by practical examples. By understanding these concepts, you’ll learn how to attack in chess the right way and find the best attacking moves easily.

► Chapters

00:00 3 Tips for Attacking in Chess (Finding the Right Plan)
00:07 Example-1
01:41 Rule-1
02:32 Rule-2
04:48 Rule-3
05:31 Example-2
08:25 Quiz for you
08:43 Example-3
11:43 Example-4

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  1. please fit the phrase "billions and billions" into your next video

  2. Has to be bishop h6, bishop is hanging, and the pawn is pinned to the queen, and the queen is absolutely pinned if the pawn moves.

  3. This first game played for black really biginner. The weak chess players are typical by one essential bad quality – they don´t see several moves forward and first they don´t see what will be playing their opponent. To know what can play opponent is the main pre-condition of the won game.

  4. For the puzzle 🫵🏻☝🏻:
    1. Bxe5 Bh6
    2. Qe1 Nxe5
    2. Bd4 Bxf4
    3. Qxf4 Rxf4

  5. I can play well by watching this.🫡😏

  6. In the second position is ng4 worse than the move played.na4

  7. Great lesson which format my mind…and sorry for bad english

  8. In the quiz, trade the bishops, then fork the rooks with your knight.

  9. Attacking the knight with my pawn is something I just can't seem to see.

  10. will he ever reveal the best move @ 8:37 i’m thinking either Bxe5 or Bh6 both look good to me ! i’d go for the first option if i have to make a move

  11. Could you do a next video about Greek sacrifice? I don't understand when am I supposed to do that?

  12. This is a confusing question? Are you saying another move besides taking the xe5 bishop? Then it would be Ba6, but taking the bishop is the best move.

  13. Very nice as always. Is the answer 1. Bxe5 fxe5 2.Nf2 winning the exchange?

  14. Igor, I have learned a lot from you. I don't always implement it (that's on me, not on you), but I like the idea of simple heuristics to help in the middle game. And find them helpful.

    It seems if you are aggressive you have to be less of a mind reader as your opponent's intentions. It works better on lower ranked players – they often give up on effective attacks.

  15. I dont know… Looks like you want it to realy work, and talk about it positively, but its not realy always that simplyfied! Juat go center! Go A. Rush B!
    I suppose an ok idea to keep in mind, but not realy always to actualy follow…

  16. I am looking at Bh6, pinning the pawn. That effectively leaves the bishop on e5 undefended. If, for example, white plays g3 to shore up the pawn, black can play Nxe5, and if white recaptures, he loses his queen. If he retreats the bishop to d4, then Bxf4 wins the queen. If white tries to protect the bishop with Qd4, the black plays Nxe5. If white retakes with the queen, then Bxf4 wins the queen. Bottom line is that white cannot save both the queen and the bishop. He will have to either defend the f4 pawn or move his queen or king off the diagonal, but he will lose material.

  17. Really great video
    Thanks good sir
    You are my favourite alive Gm

  18. 9:20 Instead of Bxf7+, white could play h4, baiting black to play Nxc3 and enter into a reversed Stafford Gambit. h4 is sometimes a useful move to play in this type of game, so it isn't a complete waste of a tempo. Interestingly, white has a winning score on the Lichess database once they play h4. Black does have some winning responses other than Nxc3, but it's still complicated.

  19. I remember a quote that goes something like, "a rook on the 7th (rank) is like a bone in the throat".

  20. Very useful video for anybody, who's trying to learn chess without a coach 👍

  21. 8:37 My idea is to just play Nxe5 and after he takes back we have Nf2 forking the two rooks(note that the knight is defended by the rook on f8)

  22. I'm not sure why you would say 1. e4, e5 2. f4 , d5 was the best strategy against the King's Gambit?
    2. .. , exf4 is the most played move and has been played by super GMs. Eg., Carlson, Aronian, Ding, Kasparov, Short …
    And Stockfish and Leela both give it as the best move.

  23. Sir please! Make a quick crash course video on the "Nimzo-Indian Defence"😭😭

    I'm one of your subscribers😥😥

  24. 00:01:41 Move forward and attack anything in your opponent's territory.
    00:02:34 Consider moving your pieces as forward as possible to maximize their activity.
    00:03:00 Choose the most forward move to increase pressure on your opponent.
    00:03:30 Attack something on your opponent's half of the board to create threats.
    00:04:55 Prefer moving forward in the center of the board for dominance.
    00:06:01 Counterstrike in the middle of the board to overpower your opponent.
    00:10:18 Operate along the central files for active play.
    00:10:36 Focus on attacking in your opponent's territory rather than solely on checkmating the king.
    00:14:05 Ask yourself how to advance into your opponent's half of the board and attack to develop a strong attack.

  25. The move of the puzzle should be

    Be5 Bh6

    which pins the f4 pawn, threatening to take the e5 bishop for free. If white plays Bd4 to save the bishop, then

    Bd4 Bxf4

    will pin the queen to the king and win the queen in the next move.

    White also cannot play a queen move to defend the e5 bishop, because after any queen move, for example
    Be5 Bh6
    Qe1 Nxe5
    Qxe5 will be a huge blunder, Bxf4 will fork the queen and king when defended by the f1 rook

  26. Please video about how to analyse a position

  27. Another great video by Igor. Would recommend his courses to improve your chess

  28. This helped me lots. Actually works!!!!!

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