Top 10 Most Instructive Chess Game Collections on my Bookshelf

In this video, I list the Top 10 Most Instructive Game Collection Books on my Bookshelf!

The Top 10 (with Amazon links):
10. 50 Essential Chess Lessons:
9. Mastering the Endgame (Volume 1):
8. Capablanca’s Best Chess Endings:
7. Simple Chess:
6. The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played:
5. The Road to Chess Improvement:
4. Strategic Chess: Master the Closed Game:
3. Chess Brilliancies:
2. Understanding Chess Move by Move:
1. Best Lessons of a Chess Coach:

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  1. If anyone disagrees with Simple Chess, they're wrong. Absolute gem of a book.

  2. This was wonderful!! More on chess books, please!!

  3. The 'Move by Move' player games series of books by Everyman Chess are well worth looking at.Annotated games are punctuated with questions, challenging the reader to find the combinations, or why the player didn't play a certain move.

  4. hello sir Bryan, a new subscriber here from manila, the philippines…may i also add igor stohl's book – instructive modern chess masterpieces and yusupov's opus of 9 books 🙂 i love your list and good job on this video..

  5. Great list! Beginner here. I haven't read mine been too busy lately. The ones in my bookshelf are:

    1. A first book of Morphy by Frisco Del Rosario
    2. Logical Chess move by move by Irving Chernev
    3. Simple Chess by Michael Stean
    4. The most Instructive Games of Chess ever played by Irving Chernev
    5. Tarrasch the game of chess by Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch
    6. The world's most instructive amateur game book by Dan Heisman
    7. Chess: The art of logical thinking by Neil McDonald
    8. 50 Essential Chess Lessons by Steve Giddins
    9. 50 Ways to Win at Chess by Steve Giddins

  6. Sir my rating is just 550

    Please recommend me some books

  7. Hi Bryan ( Better Chess Training )…, I am going to ask a favor… * One question: #1) "Can you please do a ( How to Use ) instruction video on Fritz 18 ?" I hope so… * I, and many of my Chess friends…, seem to do better with video instructions than reading a 400-page ( Manual ) or book… * I hope that you purchase Fritz 18 and do a ( How to Use ) instruction video on Fritz 18 by Chessbase… Thank you… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana 🙂

  8. That's a good selection of books. Yasser Seirawan's 'Winning Chess Brilliancies' is, I agree, both well-written and instructive. Irving Chernev is always entertaining. But John Nunn is, for my taste, too dry. And Andrew Soltis book on Magnus Carlsen, though it didn't make it on to your final list, I found both bland and somehow dispiriting. For my money, reading accounts of World Championship matches, particularly those books by the participants, is the most instructive approach of all!

  9. Nicely done. Very nice explanation, wih glimpses of he pages. Thanks for the time. Subscribed.

  10. What game collecting book would you recommended for 1000?

  11. Thanks Bryan. I'm not even an intermediate player, but have heard that Botvinnik provided good annotations on his 100 games book and that Alekhine also annotated his collection of best games well. I've looked at both, but never got through the whole compilations. Some of Larry Christiansen's various collections of his attacking games are also helpful. God bless.

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