This Tactic Is So Much Fun – Windmill Chess Tactic – Concepts + Examples

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  1. I just used this tactic now in a game I played a few minutes ago

    It's awesome

  2. Im just wondering… is rook to g1 not mate in the third and fourth minute of the video?
    It should be since there is a double-check situation

  3. At the 40sec in vid i relise you can put rook to g5 and it will by chechmate

  4. Isnt the first puzzle M3? Rxf7+, kg8, rg7+, kh8, rg6#?

  5. this tactic allowed me to get a draw down a Queen a long time ago. I probably could have even won that game, but I didn't bother checking.

  6. I once did this tactic with a Knight, it tends to be really devastating with a knight as after the bishop check there are around 24 different squares that the knight can be attacking on different rows which means unless the queen is on the opposite side of the board chances are you will take 2-3 pieces and a queen without much loss. I took 3 peices and a queen that game. because of the windmill I ended up getting 93 accuracy.

  7. 6:50 It looks to me like black can also play Rg6. If white Rf3, Rxf6 and the rook is pinned; exf6 makes a passed pawn though. If instead Qf3, Bxf3.

  8. You should play against martin but you move your pieces in power order, so first turn you move your pawn, second the knight, third turn bishop, then rook, and then queen, and after that king. If a piece gets taken then just keep going in order without that piece. If your king is checked you must block with the piece on that turn or you lose. BTW castling counts as a king or rook move. This should be a fun challenge! πŸ˜‰

  9. I'm surprised alekhine vs fletcher is not in this video

  10. That was brilliant. I will look for it, but hard to see better than a simple version until I've had more practice, if at all. Playing at 1300 v Nelson bot now – up from 1200. πŸ™‚

  11. I would smash my laptop screen if someone did that to me

  12. You need take their pieces even on a
    Checkmate. You need to flex on them then tell them "Well played"

  13. I achieved a windmill tactic that resulted in mate in my most recent game. I was so excited when I saw the opportunity to devastate my opponent with it.

  14. But Rxe7 Rg7 Rg5#

    Oh he says Rg6# later in the video

  15. So in a nutshell, you do a discovered check on someone until their pieces vanish into nothing.

  16. The last puzzle is actually even better. It's not over yet, and it's the windmill tactics that actually makes the position lost for white. He can't move the queen to either c1 or b2 because of another Ne2+. So white only has Qb4 and Qd6 left, which both force Q sacrifice a few moves later.

  17. That last one was crazy, but why he didn't take the rock with the knight instead of the bishop? to unleash the rock in a8?

  18. Carlos Torre Repetto vs Emanuel Lasker 1925 played in Moscow. This game is where this term windmill originated from.

  19. I had a windmill recently, got to take like 2 pawns and a piece. great fun.

  20. I love this in my actual games so much, but I never knew what it was called until now.

  21. @12:20 doesnt white also win the h6 Pawn Via Ng4? Plus, bringing another Piece to the Party means you can cover more Squares around the Black King, possibly Weaving a Mating Net in the Process.

    you would also open up your Rook for various Possibilities along the E File in the Future with this

  22. The point of the windmill is not to checkmate, it's to torment your opponent

  23. Regarding the last puzzle, the queen can take your knight if you start with the move of light square bishop.

  24. um no, no this would not work with a queen. just a rook

  25. Sorry but this is NOT a windmill. It is the same principle but if you think about it, the name windmill actually comes from the type of position you get with a knight and a bishop. Bobby Fischer's game exemplifies this obviously. It is called a windmill because of the circular nature of the squares the knight can go to. This is the same principle but it doesn't resemble an actual windmill at all.

  26. Thank you very much, I enjoyed it and learned a lot!

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  28. 12:53 A Windmill with a knigh? Bobby Fisher should've been a fan of Don Quixote.

  29. 4:14 I think the most baller move would be for black to drop the rook only to G3
    10:22 once the king moves, Rg7 check with tempo!

  30. At 7:23 I think were black to play it'd win right? Something about queen takes pawn and check, I think king must move right, queen takes bishop and check, king must move left, then sacrifice rook from above by bringing it next to the king's left, takes, then bring the other rook to b1 check, then white king can go left a8 or right c8, if c8 then bringing the queen defended so checkmate maybe else bringing the queen one square further left that is to b7 and it's checkmate right? No piece can be taken. But I'm unsure and must go and think about it later πŸ˜…

  31. I actually just used this in a game and won πŸ™‚ Thanks for the tip

  32. In last puzzle does kb8 work's?? The line goes like this
    20 kb8 bxb6
    21 kxa3
    Then 2 bishop are hanging

  33. From the starting position isn't it just mate in 1? What

  34. The windmill tactic is basically the chess equivalent of that one scene in Kingsman where Harry is beating and killing the people in that church and he is turning back and forth stabbing different people.

  35. In the first master puzzle there was a check mate in two or you can get a queen for a bishop

  36. At 7:28, why not move the bishop to f6 instead of sacrificing the queen? Appears to me this leads to an inevitable checkmate in at most 4 moves, regardless of what black does. What am I missing?

  37. As I can see, the original position if you move your rook to anywhere on the G file is gonna be mate, no? I mean, after taking the pawn on F7

  38. The windmill has got to be hands-down the most psychologically devastating tactic of all time

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