This Probably Felt Soooo Good 😳 #interesting


  1. Guy I used to work with had something happen to his nose (I don't remember what), and the doctor had to stuff a bunch of gauze up into his sinus cavity. He eventually went back and had it removed, but he said it still didn't feel right. He went back to the doctor and was told, it was normal swelling and it would go down soon. So, he's sitting at his desk one day, at work, and i guess he was picking his nose and felt something strange. He dug around and, finally, go ahold of this thing and started pulling it out. It was about two feet (60.96 centimeters) of gauze That had been stuck in there for about a month. You can imagine the relief…
    and the smell.

  2. After this, she will forget on how to shit on the toilet.

  3. "This Probably Felt Sooo Good"
    🎅: oh hoho
    🤔: huh?

  4. Bro his yt shorts comments are so much different than his tt comments😂

  5. It looked like some jelly like creature from the river

  6. My ass thinking it was an baby sunfish or just an parasitic fish


  8. Ngl she can prolly smell colors AND air 💀

  9. I haven’t been able to breath in years but I’m way too scared to attempt such a procedure

  10. My brother had nose surgery a week ago because of this. Right now today hes removing the plastic pieces inside his nose!

  11. yeah i had nose surgery and had something similar, breathing thru my mouth for a long ass time sucked, but when i got those removed it hurt, bur after they were out, it was like night and day. It was so relieving.

  12. "this probably felt sOoOoOoOoOoOoO good"


  14. bro was dying for 15 years straight, and also wtf was that red thing

  15. You know what they say about a curved nose 🥴

  16. Oh the joy of being able to smell your own farts once again.

  17. The Biggest Controversy • 101y ago says:

    Why is there a random tampon in her nose?

  18. I thought that was one of those eye patches 😂

  19. I have a deviated septum, mine switches from one side to the otger though, its genetic

  20. I underwent septoplasty surgery a few months ago, and it was a relief when they removed that nasal splint off my nose….

  21. She looks like Abigail from RDR 2

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