This is Why We Love Magnus Carlsen | Best Chess Games, Moves, Tactics & Ideas

Magnus Carlsen is not only a great player, but also a fantastic person. Take a look at this game – Grandmaster Luis Supi vs Magnus Carlsen. This was one of the greatest queen sacrifice in chess history. Although Magnus resigned & lost in 18 moves, his love for chess came through quite evidently in his reaction during one of his livestreams. This is Why We Love Magnus Carlsen!

Watch the entire video to enjoy the amazing moves, tactics & ideas employed by two masters of the game! Also, check out the chess puzzle at the end. Let’s see if you can solve that!

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0:00 Magnus Carlsen Fan – Intro
0:15 Luis Supi vs Magnus Carlsen – The Game
2:41 Greatest Queen Sacrifice on Move 18
3:01 Magnus Carlsen’s Reaction
3:54 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Probably Luis Supi should be the one getting credit here 😂. Carlson reaction could be commended as bonus

  2. 1:19 bg4 is a complete winning move for white. In that position a4 is a inaccuracy.😐

  3. 1.Qg7, sacrificing the queen then Rxg7, 2. Rxh8+, Rg8, 3. Rxg8+, Qe8 is forced, then finally is 4. Rxe8, which is a checkmate

  4. queen to G7 the rook can't take because rook take on h8 of a8 and after that the only move was to move his queen and after that we can take his queen and That's a check mate

  5. This is my best video that I have ever seen so far

  6. i think i have an answer to the puzzle
    Qg7: if white takes the queen, we play Rxh8+, and we win with a back rank mate.
    If black plays Rxh7, we play Qxg8+, and again, we win with a back rank mate.
    If black makes an escape square for the king to run, we play Rxh8, pinning the rook to the king, so Black can't take our queen. Either black can take our rook and be down a full rook, or he can defend the rook with his queen and be down a rook anyway.
    That is why Qg7 is the right move in my opinion.

  7. youre the best man i ever seen .how clear youre explain.thats amazing . i love it.

  8. The answer puzzle is : Qg7 and black rook takes it and Rh8 check rook or queen defends it.If rook takes we have to take the rook and again a check and the queen will defend and if rook takes it is a beautiful checkmate.

  9. Manus could have played the queen to b1 to check , thus saving the game and so there was no need to resign.

  10. After Bd6. Ra2. Magnus should have accepted the bishop trade, and then he might have defended the position

  11. Whit Qg7,g8 rook takes queen, h8, black queen is move e8, rook takes e8 mate

  12. Magnus needed a queen sacrifice at last.

  13. Solution
    Qg7,mind boggling move
    if opponent tries to be greedy and takes queen,then he is gone
    let me show you how
    Rxh8+ and the checkmate is unstoppable but if he takes the rook,so Qxg8+ is unstoppable

  14. I'm first watching a game of luis supi and his moves are so sharp just loved it…
    This grandmaster has the capabilities to become a world champion one day…

  15. Hey Jitendra, could Magnus not play Qb1+ and after R×b1 he took white queen? After b×c6 he had the option to play Kb8😮.

    Please reply


  17. Qe6 will be the better move for white. As black will try to attack on white rook and white queen will take the black rook on g8 and further the game will incline towards white

  18. Answer for the Puzzle – Qg7 to sacrifice, if captured by Rg8 to Rxg7 then Rh7 to Rxh8, followed by Rxe8 chackmate,
    2nd possible variation – after Qg7, if black Qe8 then Qxc7+ followed by Qb7# stunning checkmate

  19. When you said you found magnus Carlsen's reaction more beautiful, I paused the video and spent half an hour trying to find a refutation to checkmate! 😐

  20. Why not Magnus Carlson check with Queen B1, white will capture the queen then Magnus C will also capture the queen, after pawn takes pawn, black queen will move to B8 to stop the check

  21. Ig rook to e1 is somewhat best(puzzle one)

  22. I think the best move for white is the Q to D7, A Queen Sacrifice. Because- 1. if Black, QxD7 (Captures the White Queen), Then Rook can simply capture the black queen, and then white can take out the
    second rook, putting the pressure on Pawn on B7.( White also have to make space for the king by moving the pawn, because the black can bring the rook in action (on row of 1) and it will end in a checkmate)
    2. If Black does not captures the white Queen, the Q to B7 is a checkmate (If black queen does not have control on B7 square)
    3. And if h8RxRh7, then queen recapture the rook. And with the help of the rook left preparing for the checkmate ( White also have to make space for the king by moving the pawn, because the black can bring the rook in action (on row of 1) and it will end in a checkmate)

  23. You could do a schilemann gambit video where you can challenge the Ruy Lopez up to a point ( its not refuted by Stockfish either, its just slightly unpleasant for black with +0.5 for white by move 20. I know there is more respected variations like the Breyer and Chigorin Ruy but theory suggests that black gets strangled by slow maneuvering by white with +0.3 advantage

  24. instead of praising lp supi superb move and defeats magnus
    chess talk magnus is so good

  25. White rook will move to g1 and then black rook g8 will capture it then h7 white rook captures black rook h8 with a checkmate g1 rook will come once again in order to protect king but queen capture the g8 rook with checkmate then queen interrupt in between at e8 and white queen capture it with a beautiful checkmate hope so😅

  26. Hit the LIKE Button If You Also Love Magnus Carlsen👍

    Happy International Chess Day, Friends!

    What Better Way to Enjoy Than Celebrating the Spirit of Chess 🙂

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