THIS HIPPO CHESS GAME WAS CLOSE!!!! | 2022 Pacific Coast Open!


THIS HIPPO CHESS GAME WAS CLOSE!!!! | 2022 Pacific Coast Open!

Today I cover my second Hippopotamus Defense chess game in my recent tournament. In this video I hope to help you understand the ideas, strategy, moves, theory, lines, variations, and principles of the Hippopotamus Defense. However, this isn’t only for you Hippo chess players. I hope that no matter what chess openings you go with, you’ll be able to learn a thing or two from this video. The goal is to improve at chess fast and have fun while doing it. Let me know down in the comments below what you think of this Hippopotamus Defense chess game!

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  1. Another great Hippo video, Mr. Solomon!
    So proud of you for playing it in a tournament!
    Hope you win more games with it in the future!

  2. Can you please make a video after the tournament, about positional chess? There is a lot we viewer can learn from you.

  3. Oh God, you have white just play the Ponziani or something

  4. Double Hippo oh no I getnightmares from that if you continue that

  5. great game with Hippo! I am inspired! Please keep us up to date on your tournament games. break a leg

  6. GG! Hippo is a really cool openneing and you utilize it pretty well

  7. congrats!! crazy question: do you do the broadcast for XM satellite radio covering sports..your voice is identical if not

  8. So cool you stepped back into tournament play and played the hippo the whole way through.

  9. Another instructive Hippo game. At 19:05, you suggested the move Nf5. I think White is still winning, after Rxa7 Rd4+, Kf3 Rxd3+, Kg4. Of course in time pressure anything can still happen, but White is clearly better in this position.

  10. A nice win. I think my big problem with playing the Hippo is that positions seem to fluctuate between slow defensive buildups and quick attacks.

  11. Nice game! I can't imagine anyone is prepared for the hippo.

  12. Really really interesting game. Don't happen often that I don't fastforward at some point in a full game replay, but here I was just spellbound all along!

  13. Love the Hippo content and congrats on the win! As Black recently, I've been playing either the Hippo or the Modern Gurgenidze. I kinda don't know for sure until after g6 and Bg7 😄

  14. Nice one Solomon, I like these videos where you are explaining the reasons behind the moves. And once again it's nice to see the Hippo beating people up. Hope your future games in the tournament are good ones too.

  15. Thanks for sharing the hippo tournament game .I will watch the whole series of games.

  16. Why have i missed this video?????? Wow,that was harsh….B3,alekhine and leningrad dutch and im sticking to them to get good at them….A narrow repertoire,but why not.Hate main line to grind a game and lose by a sharp sicilian or a draw….

  17. do you construct these games straight off your memory? I thought they were already prerecorded. impressive!

  18. what is your name on lichess? i want to follow you

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