This gambit is the opening equivalent of a battle shout · Road to GM, Game 317

Some openings are so intimidating that playing them is like a battle roar, a fierce display of might meant to scare your opponent into submission as soon as the game begins. The Benko Gambit is one of them.

Tomic S. (2041) – Podini F. (1852)
Benko Gambit, Accepted
Barcelona Sants Open 2023 , Rd.4

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  1. I love the honesty during the analysis of your games. We can all take something away because of your approach. Playing against the Benko is tricky and this game was very helpful in learning the pitfalls. Personally, i used to struggle in this line (I'm 1850), so in recent times have declined the gambit by playing 5. b6 and the pawn on a6 hampers some the build up of queenside play for black.

  2. 1:50 I've got to disagree with you there Stjepan, I would say this line is out of date and theoretically very dubious precisely because of 12.a4. Black's 5…g6 6.Nc3 Bg7 line delaying the pawn recapture is a much better response and the current theoretical way to play the Benko. This is a very good line for black if you ask me (and engines prefer it to the old mainline). Personally, I think 5.e3 is best and by far the most annoying for Benko players. However, if you know that black will play this older line of 6.Bxa6 then obviously fully accepting is fine.

  3. The benko is my main weapon for d4, it's such a great weapon to get prep advantage and get into dangerous attacking positions.

    Also i think it's great that you're playing more diverse openings these last few tournaments. I'm sure getting into different positions every game will improve your chess very fast.

  4. definitely want to learn this gambit

  5. I've gotta learn more about the Benko-Gambit, this looks like a very interesting opening

  6. You're probably one of my favorite chess content creators, because you're 2000 FIDE, and are willing to be humble about your mistakes. Whereas a lot of chess players who are even below you act like they are god's gift to chess.

  7. Something I notice a lot in your videos is you say "I don't want to trade pieces." Why? Are you afraid of playing endgames? You often say this to justify a subpar move which I think is interesting.

  8. Hey 👋, why you're not playing e4, Italian, Spanish, or even c4?. I think u did a mistake accepting the gambit and entering to a position where black is probably more used to.

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