This Computer Chess Game Is Insane

Join NM Sam Copeland for this incredible game of sacrifices between Stoofvlees, a very creative engine, and Igel! After a complex game, and a deep, dirty engine line, even the computer couldn’t tell that it was losing!

Check out the game:

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  1. Bruh u upload the video at 10:45 pm in my country!

  2. Can you show to Elo of the Engines next time?

  3. Very nice video! Featuring a very interesting game, explaining concepts like book moves and even giving a link to the game in the description. Good work!

  4. Why is stockfish not analysing the game

  5. 'Igel' – German for hedgehog, pronounced 'eagle'.

  6. 21.Ra6 is a reallt bad move! Losing all the advantage white had!
    The best move is Bd4! (completely winning for white)

  7. That background looks sick!
    I didn't even notice that it was moving until the endπŸ”₯

  8. this engine is so bad / he missing many winning moves / he could moved the white bishop instead of the knight and win the game.

  9. This is why engines are engines. The moves which no human can find can be found by computers.

  10. check ur audio before you upload nxt time, and give us PGNs so we can check some lines ourself

  11. Great game, thanks for linking the game in the description!

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