This Computer Chess Game Is Insane

Join NM Sam Copeland for this incredible game of sacrifices between Stoofvlees, a very creative engine, and Igel! After a complex game, and a deep, dirty engine line, even the computer couldn’t tell that it was losing!

Check out the game:

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  1. Is there any computer chess tournaments where every move is the computers choice? That reference to the berlin made it sound as if though chess has been solved.

  2. So black has a queen on C1 and white just blocked with bishop to f1. I would move Bishop to b5 doubling up. It might not seem like a winning move you only even out in that trade both queens and bishops being lost. But i think it sets up black for a rook knight endgame if you force that trade to happen. The only way i see white having an advantage is pushing the b pawn for a sacrifice to kill the rook. That still doesnt have an answer for blacks b pawn about to promote. If black pushes the pawn after white pushes their b pawn theyll expose their rook by removing the d bishop defending. Heres how i see it all going after bishop f1: Bb5, Kg1, Qxf1, Qxf1, Bxf1, Kxf1, Rxd6. Of course there is another line if white sees it after blacks bishop b5 is b7, Qxf1, Qxf1, Bxf1, Ra8+, Kxb7, Rxd8, b2 queen is inevitable after this because black defends the b file from the rook. It was all a sacrifice to get a queen up.

  3. Black blundered with knight to h6. Bishop b5 could have saved the position doubling down on the king check.

  4. does Igel value material more than king safety? how does igel evaulate positions

  5. 13:29 Looks like the critical error was here and black could've played on with Re8. You kind of glossed over that

  6. 14:03 – When Black plays b2, how about Bc8 instead, with the intention of moving it to b7? With the bishop on b7, can White still maintain an attack, since it blocks them pushing the b-pawn and provides extra protection (all that's needed?) for the a8 square?

    It seems to semi-freeze White's bishop on d4, since Black now wants to open the a8-h1 line.

    White also has to worry about the pawn on b3, R(d8)e8–>e1, and is down a considerable amount of material.

  7. Finally an incredible chess game that ends in an actual checkmate lol probably because computers don't give up. There is nothing more infuriating than watching a game between "grandmasters" and at the end one resigns, not allowing their opponent true victory.

  8. Idk y im watching these comp games when im a beginner

  9. Next game Soofvless sacrifices King – what a crushing move – ðŸĪŠ

  10. The video quality is so bad. Audio, video breaking up. Was this filmed over a video call?

  11. Please fix your audio problems. This was hard to listen to.

  12. 13:23 what happened after Bb5? Seems like black would have been able to trade everything
    Edit: just realized there was probably b7 followed by Ra8, sacrificing yet another bishop in order to win the rook back and pin on the backrank

  13. 00:55 "The book stops here" -Harry S. Truman…or something like that 😜
    EDIT: Ok, all (dumb) jokes aside…but now that I've actually viewed the video, this is one of the best and most INSANE games I've ever watched! Great commentating as well Sam- Thank you 👍

  14. the discrepancy between the evaluations is disturbing

  15. i've won a few rooks with f4, it's always surprising when they take, and even more surprising when i lose anyway

  16. Why did Stoofvless give up the pawn on h6 near the end?

  17. $42 for a hat in your merchandise section. Snap out of it clowns.

  18. I also seem to play by sacrificing a lot of pieces like Stoofvlees, the problem is I normally end up losing anyway

  19. 4:55 This is NOT a real computer move. I'm sorry that one is perfectly normal. King safety first! Probably Sam skipped some lessons.
    That other stuff Stoofvlees did was engine stuff. Beginning with Nb5! wow!

  20. Stoofvlees is the incarnation of Mikhail Tal

  21. This was a bullet game (2 minute game with 1 second increment).

  22. Kh1 is also against capturing on h2 with check

  23. 17:06 what about Qxa6? OK I know black still lose but who keep the attack

  24. Igel (german for hedgehog) is correctly pronounced so that it rhymes with wiggle, not with Nigel.

  25. stoofvlees should play against Alphazero, seeing how both AIs love sacrifices

  26. 14:38 I don't understand. Why does black play 36…b1=Q (?) Is that really best? It seems to be a wasted move. We know white is intending to capture the b-pawn. By promoting, the capture takes place on b1 instead of b2. The only advantage black gets seems to be that the white Q is not guarding the bishop on d4. Then Black played 37…Nf5 and attacked the bishop as well as the d6 pawn. Next came 38. b7, Nxd6. It seems like black could have played Nf5 a move earlier with better results. Or another idea, why not play 36…Bc8 (?) Either of these moves looks better to me than a futile promotion. What did I miss?

  27. stoofvlees why do some dutch people have to make names of super disgusting food

  28. Get a better mic or better recording software pls

  29. Black's biggest mistake was 32…Qc1+. After that silly move, it's all downhill for black.

  30. 10:27 I think there is potentially another reason for Raa1!, which is to be able to put a protected rook on c1 in case the situation of the pawn on c4 clarifies.

  31. This guy was a lawyer, doctor, construction worker, manager, astronaut, and now a chess player. He is truly inspirational.

  32. At which move it's losing by force and what a computer that cannot make ten 10 precise move?

  33. It's called bidding nill. It's an outstanding move when you're holding really low cards.

  34. Nepomniachtchi is the standard of chess supremacy now?

  35. I might only be 1700 but I sacrifice for open files sometimes.

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