This Chess Game Almost KILLED Me

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Viewer game which almost killed me

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  1. 7:34 that king move might have been a pre move, he didn't expect for the opponent to misclick

  2. 3:40, "Bribery sure, bt this is not fifa"
    this was really funny 😂

  3. Black goes back to chase the bishop song at the end is beautiful!

  4. Dang I really thought that this was a game I played because you said email, and we he did carl con defense but no… the game I played wasn’t fake tho, I emailed it to you and yes I really did blunder my queen

  5. Black goes back to chase the biiishop chase the biiishop… 🎻🎻🎧🎵🎶🎷🎸🎺🎼🥁💿

  6. 7:25 bro I showed this to my brother and he basically said "It's a queen sacrifice to win the game. You're just stupid."


  8. This is not 1000 play,or they are drunk or crazy sleep deprived.
    I'm 600 and I play wayyu better

  9. My eyes hurt . seriously like what the actual fu

  10. How do I send you games? I had a really stupid game-

  11. arli disappointed my country. Nah jk but they both lost

  12. 0:45 That's the flag of Abkhazia, but correct me if I'm wrong, and it's also the first country in the alphabet, so it's auto-correcting to it.

  13. I’m confused. How does a player get gm if their elo is not above 2500?

  14. I'm an 1100 and no-one ever played this bad at 1000. Why do all my 1200 opponents play like their pros and yet Gotham finds these purported 1000s that play like Cheech and Chong?

  15. Bro I play better than this and I’m a 400 how just how

  16. This reminds me of when I was playing a student in school at chess and his pawn was pinned to the king and he moved it so I won

  17. at 7:11 cant the other rook be saved by queen d1 simply blocking the check?

  18. White didn't blunder both rooks, he could've played Qd1

  19. How are these guys 1000 elo I'm 600 but I'm way better than these kiids

  20. 5:40 But you win the rook (using the queen) or am i stupid?

  21. Nah, no 1000 plays like this. No human for that matter. I refuse.

  22. 7:55 The only explanation I can see here is that black mouse-slipped and white pre-moved its king, anticipating the queen taking the rook.

  23. white must have premoved king e2 expecting black queen to take the rook on a1…
    man the pain of that

  24. The thumbnail got me to click on this video

  25. Why can't I play against any of these people 🙁

  26. 6:57 isn’t qd1 a thing here to save a rook and trade queens? obviously u still blunder a took but it’s not all bad

  27. You know what they say, Chess, when played perfectly, is a draw.

  28. Whites king to e2 not taking the queen was obviously pre-moved

  29. No way thats 1000 elo ….. my younger brother with 200 elo plays better than that for God sake

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