The Top 23 Checkmate Patterns | Most Important Mating Patterns In Chess | Chess Tactics and Ideas

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0:00 – Intro
1:52 – Queen Next To King Mate
3:08 – Back Rank Mate
3:47 – Ladder Mate
4:18 – Queen & Rook Combo Mate
5:12 – Lolli’s Mate
6:07 – Damiano’s Mate
6:44 – Dovetail & Swallow’s Tail Mate
9:38 – Epaulette Mate
10:30 – Greco’s Mate
11:30 – Blind Swine Mate
12:44 – Anastasia’s Mate
13:29 – Hook Mate
14:43 – Opera’s Mate
15:21 – Morphy’s and Pillsbury’s Mate
16:56 – Vukovic’s Mate
17:38 – Reti’s Mate
18:56 – Boden’s Mate
19:29 – Double Bishop Mate
20:06 – Lega’s Mate
21:11 – Knight & Bishop Combo Mate
21:39 – Smothered Mate


  1. awesome channel! thank u for ur time, energy, and wisdom!

  2. in your first example when white rook check the black king, he could move black bishop to H6, defense and the attack on white king at the same time. In that case white would have lost his queen for nothing!🤔

  3. Hook mate has a variation where the king doesn’t take the queen, 1) Qxf8 Kg6 2) Qg8 Kf5 3) Qh7 Kg4 4)Qh4#

  4. @ChessVibesOfficial- recommendation on what to use to help drill these concepts?

  5. I really appreciate the sober presentation of valuable ideas. No background music, no attempt at jokes, no ego being on display; just plain information. Thank you!

  6. your teaching style is impeccable it has helped me no end and i have you on repeat. thank you very much

  7. I really love how informative this is, though it’s kind of silly that a lot of the puzzle solutions are queen sacrifices. You’re not always going to have to do that in a game, at least I think

  8. Thanks I leaned a lot but I noticed a mistake in your suggestion for a better move in the "Morphy's Mate" YOU SHOULD RE-VISIT THAT, If you may.

  9. Smothered mate is always the coolest but Legal's was favorite

  10. At 6:03 what if black responds to f6 by Kd7 and after Qh6 Kxf6 removing the protection of the queen?

  11. The amount of queens sacrificed in this video 😂

  12. Of course the most classic mating pattern involves a king and a queen who love each other very much…

  13. Excellent channel! The only channel that’s systematically going through chess principles

  14. Great to have the names of these. Helps to memorize them.

  15. I missed this particular video when it was published about a year ago — the downside to being so prolific, perhaps?

    Two observations:

    For a beginner, the salient constraint of quick apperception — that flash of recognition — being of these mating patterns, is for them to be simplified and isolated so they can be seen. Part of what you have done is understand this and make a list showing these common patterns. (The difference between a master and a teacher is that the teacher has not forgotten just how hard it was for him/her to have initially learned the concept.)

    In support of this, let me suggest the common filmmaking technique of using a feature of editing software to temporary desaturate (Hide? Blur? Gray out?) all the board and pieces and pawns which are irrelevant, to reveal the simple pattern you are currently illustrating within the complex field of a chess position.

    I see that you already utilize software to explicate patterns and positions. How about this too?

  16. #1 I call Da Capo. #3 I call The Death March!

  17. I love your winrate for gambits videos. But shouldn’t you run a plot of win% vs opponents elo (incremental band) for each gambit. This will show the fall off when the gambit stops working. Would be valuable tool for knowing what tools to use (and stop using) on your own ladder climb.

  18. If i just learned one of these i might get a girlfriend

  19. I like how calmly and politely you explain how to DESTROY the opponent 🙂

  20. The first one I call the deadly kiss of the queen

  21. One thing… funny mistake when you did Morphys made (2nd one) you said this would be a better move for black as you moved INTO check from the rook 😂

  22. My girlfriend said i should learn some new mating patterns

  23. This channel will help me get to 1000 ELO and dismantle my enemies,
    … with class 🥃

  24. 16:04 the king cannot move to g7 square its check with the rook

  25. 18:16 Missed a chance to say “ Alright if you are RETI to see the solution “ 😅

  26. 16:04 This would be a better move for black
    famous last words

  27. Some corrections: never is correct to say Mayet's mate (only Ópera mate). Vukovic's mate is mistake (is Capablanca's mate). When Morphy's mate happens in the corner the correct name is Hidden Morphy's mate. The mate with N+B is Bird's mate or Suffocation mate. Ladder's mate is also Lawnmover's mate.

  28. In the first example, after moving rook h1, can't they just block with the bishop?

  29. Thanks for the great lesson. The exercises after each one was useful too.

  30. Sir, thanks for such lessons. Just one thing.. if in the example 7-8, black plays pawn D 5 instead of D 6?

  31. My least favorite mating pattern is missionary.

  32. hehehehe i am comment number 667 so i broke the 666 streak, and to think i got to my elo rating only knowing 2 checkmate patterns, queen next to king and ladder mate, after watching this tutorial, i am coming back with a smile, and someone better call 911. 😀

  33. ooooh! so thats what its called hehehehe i recently delivered that legal's mate, i didnt know it had a name, i still have the pgn file.

  34. In dovetail's mate(9:05), what if black plays d5? I don't see immediate checkmate, just a perpetual

  35. Also, I'm not sure if this is the root for 'pigs on the seventh', but an European guy wrote a book for how to protect against mongol attacks several hundred years ago, where he referred to pigs who stayed in their castles while the mongols pillaged the villages of the empire.

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