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  1. This has been the best explanation of strategy I've ever heard

  2. And thats why he will never be a gm period

  3. I didn't even know Wyatt people cared this much about haircuts

  4. levy's hairline got back rank mated after he sacrificed "THE BARBERR"

  5. While thinking that 30 seconds will be gone from my time

  6. Спасибо тебе! И хотя я стара уже для шахмат, учусь по твоим видео ❤

  7. Yea did that for 4 months straight just to be banned saying that I hack lmao

  8. Dont think you're slick with the "Check"-list Levy

  9. If done all thaht but im Dropping like shit in Chess

  10. Bullet games on the other hand
    Is just total panic mode

  11. that's the real problem of genjistu of Mikhail tal .

  12. If the white knight goes to c4 and the pawn on d5 takes the knight on c4, then the intercontinental ballistic bishop will take on a8.

  13. By the time i finish thinking im down to 30 seconds 😂

  14. I feel so dumb and slow when I play chess. Probably because I am both

  15. Nice video I'll use this trick

  16. How does bishop A6 improve Black's position?

  17. And now do that in .0001 milliseconds or else you lose on time

  18. While thinking of that I wasted 30 seconds of my time

  19. Is there a threat?

    Is there any way to attack the opponent's king?

    Is there any way to capture something?

    Are they good moves?

    Can I attack anything in the position?

    Is it a bad move?

    Does it improve my position and attack the piece at the same time?

  20. Thank you for these tips man this helped me alot🙏🏻

  21. Someone tell me the inside barber jokes😂

  22. I can play a game of chess on his forehead 💀

  23. Wouldn't his bishop just capture the queen?

  24. Bro Just give the best tip for beginners and people are clowning on his hair💀

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