The REAL Difference Between Grandmasters In Chess

In this video my mom GM Pia Cramling and my dad Juan Manuel Bellon Lopez played out the exact same position to show people the difference between how grandmasters think in chess depending on their style. The position was from a Magnus Carlsen game. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. Pia's chess is my dream, the moves are so gentle, yet so unforgiving.

  2. Your parents are lovely. I'm envious of what a nice life you must have had. Good for you =)

  3. Would like to see Mother vs Father (both start with Cow🐮Opening)

  4. Dude how long will u milk the content out of ur parents fr😂

  5. I don't know how I ended up on this video but man this video is so wholesome. You guys are lovely!

  6. anna is like a cross between
    a vampire and a werewolf in
    the chess world

  7. my question is, how do you guys spend your day as a family?

  8. You are disgusting im just learning chess and the last thing i wana be like is you.

  9. Pops grabbing the Draw from the clutches of Defeat!!!!

  10. It would’ve been cool to backup the game a few steps after the stalemate and let your mom play the end to see if she can win

  11. Me: I don't understand the difference between positional and tactical chess
    Me after watching this video: Ahh

  12. His thought process is so similar to how I play chess: make risks, be intuitive, highly aggressive… why is he a grandmaster while I struggle against 1500 bots?😂😂

  13. I play like the dad, makes chess more fun for me

  14. that was so fun to watch, forcing a draw was epic, salue to your dade

  15. I believe a guy in her chat at the time was asking about if it was played locally or on cloud. Now I only know maybe 10% of what’s going on here. But maybe he was asking for the reason of the engine making a different move for the father than the mother after their first two identical moves? Would a local game have prevented the engine switching its move?

  16. The vast majority of the time, it makes no difference. There are only bad moves, and good moves.

  17. What I learned from this video: Mom plays for the win, Dad plays for the lulz

  18. Im tryingto learn but cant understand what they are talking

  19. Father tactical GRANDMASTER
    Kid Trash.. are you my twin by any chance?

  20. One better than the other, and the three better than the sum of the parts. Vamos Cramling! ❤️

  21. This is exactly how I would imagine a Spanish vs. Swedish person to think, behave and play. Mama is slow, calculated and safe and dad is "living la vida loca".

  22. I play like your dad but I blunder more 💀

  23. I like how her dad advanced his rook into… you know what I mean😂😂

  24. That seems insane, not to take the pawn. Attacking the black queen just gives the black queen free mo e to wherever the queen wants to move, but I’m rated 600.

  25. Pia needs a fan club. This is good content, a nice family

  26. Her dad Is so funny I want him in YouTube please

  27. Great video. Both of your parents are adorable but they are also so different. Your dad is a hoot.

  28. Mom went tactical because the setup was too messy to play positionally. She'd never let a board she played look anything like that, ever.

  29. The biggest flex is being born from parents that are grandmasters, nothing can ever beat that

  30. I wish I could look at a board and understand so well what's going on with the pieces. I've been having a love-hate relationship with chess for years. I've known how to play the game most of my life (I'm 37 now). Never took much interest in it during my teens and 20's, got more into it as I hit 30, made some progress, got stuck, lost motivation, and dropped chess. Then 1-2 years later I'd pick it up again, get into it for a few months, lose motivation again, drop it again. And the cycle would repeat. I find that I lack the patience to think 10 minutes over a single move (or wait for an opponent to think for 10 minutes over a single move). I also lack interest in memorizing tons of games by GMs. Blitz games are my favorite, but there's only so much you can progress with that until you hit a roadblock. I don't have an official rating, but my guess would be that I'd probably be around 1500-1600.

  31. Anna is joyful, credit to yr folks for raising such a child. World needs more like her.

  32. Being able to share such a deep appreciation of any game with your entire family would be so rewarding.

  33. Aw i love that even the twitch chat is wholesome 🥲

  34. im very sorry but imagine those guys having sex and then be like: "lets play a couple games, shall we?" instead of smoking or a cold one idk😅

  35. This was an excellent presentation of something that is rather obscure. Juan plays like the devil but Pia is far better looking and just as diabolical. Well done!

  36. We should all this proud of our parents

  37. Her parents are old that's why she's taking advantage of them.

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