The Prep Speaks For Itself

Hans Niemann Is BACK playing in the FIDE Grand Swiss 2023 Open Tournament.

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  1. Great to have Hans back – always exciting to watch !

  2. Nice white game by Hans, he often plays sharper as black.

  3. Hans may not be the best chess player, but he is the best chess entertainer. Is he a villain, or an anti-hero? Only beads will tell.

  4. Great analysis. Always love watching your videos!

  5. Niemand brought his A-game. Yes, you read that right the first time.

  6. I love c4 (but needed the analysis first).

  7. If Hans and Carlsen opened a chess club would that be the Niemann -Magnus club lol

  8. Good to see Hans back to being Hans, rather than "Mr Hands"

  9. Love the 2nd Title. The first was good, but I think the 2nd will fare better.

  10. I'm glad you continued to cover Hans games and didn't listen to the haters in comments.

  11. Guess who’s back, back again.. guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back.. plung plung Plung PLUNG…

  12. Team Hans! He is getting shat on because of autistic mannerisms and I relate soooo much. We need an autistic right movement more than almost everybody else because autists are unemployed at higher rates than any other group we already have a rights movement for

  13. so he back to cheating ? tht pawn c4 is pure computer move

  14. Advancing the pawn to h6 and then h5 wins a tempo

  15. I liked this game, especially the counter attack when things looked desperate for the Norwegian.

  16. who in the hell plays c4 in that position? Hans does and proves to me that hes on another level..

  17. Anybody else get the sense that Hans might be on the verge of true chess greatness? This kid’s tenacity after all the shite he went through speaks to a inner strength I don’t think many players have innately. Regardless he is right up there with Duda, Rapport and Nepo in terms of playing strong, entertaining chess! Go Hans!

  18. Always frustrating when you're checking a King with your Queen and he is able to just keep running to safety. Especially once all your checks run out and you find yourself in a losing forced mate scenario.

  19. That was beautiful play by Hans. You get the feeling he isn't "playing", just "managing" the position. Then the entire board becomes one big picture and he's making it a work of art. Can he do this against other top players? We'll soon see.

  20. Hans is a really nice guy if you just get to know him beter

  21. I Just Love Hans’s games! Human moves is what makes him special, and not ultra complicated engine moves 👌

  22. Just saying. If there's ever a chance he'd play Magnus again, he should wear a vibrating Watch. I bet Magnus's head would explode to 64 pieces..

  23. I can see one advantage for the h6 move to kick the bishop before the h5 move. You are one move closer to time controls. I'm a novice and haven't even played a rated game so I might have no clue what I'm talking about.

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