The One Positional Chess Idea You MUST KNOW

Learn positional chess with this one top secret! This one positional chess secret will massively help your game because suddenly you will find your pieces landing on the right squares. The chess strategy of improving your worst piece is a very important one in positional chess, and this chess video walks through how to learn that positional chess concept so that you can use it in your own games.

If you only ever buy one chess book…make it this one!


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My name’s James Gardner and I’ve been playing and coaching chess in the UK for over 25 years. Through this channel I hope to reach many more people in order to help you improve your chess fast, so that you can win more games, improve your rating, and start having more fun at the board!

Thanks for watching and hope to see you on a future video!

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  1. Nice video, i always use this thinking process when i dont know what to do. Also can you make a series on Defensive chess as most players are bad at that and can be helpful.

  2. Very insightful. Best possible example to illustrate your main point.

  3. I need to start thinking like this now. Good explanatory video. Thank you

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