The Most Incredible Chess Game Of 2024

The Most Incredible Chess Game Of 2024 – Fabiano Caruana vs Ian Nepomniachtchi in the Candidates Chess Final Round 2024. Epic chess from Gukesh, Hikaru, Fabi, Ian and all involved. What an incredible chess tournament and historic chess result!

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  1. Ironic Iโ€™ve picked Gukesh as my favorite player even before this candidates to be honest I thought like everyone else Hikaru Nepo Fabiano these guys been there great players It would be very hard for Gukesh to win this but heโ€™s played so consistently with Great focus and determination Iโ€™m thrilled heโ€™s won this it was his consistency really that was tell tale unlike the other players settling for draws and being satisfied with their chances near the finish line Gukesh deserved this win Great play by Nepo drawing that game vs Fabi made me appreciate his ability as well Thanks James Good Night ๐Ÿ˜Šโ™Ÿ๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

  2. I was cheering for Fabi. Unfortunately, he folded like a lawn chair, multiple times with winning positions.

    It was frustrating watching him finish with a DRAW.

  3. Fabi plays like Fritz used to when you set it at club strength. Plays like a 2800, makes a couple blunders, plays like a 2800 etc. sorry fans, just not good enough to climb the mountain

  4. Good result. Fabi, Naka and Ian are way past world championship shape.

  5. Gukesh only had that one loss to Alireza, that was a heartbreaker, but an important lesson.

  6. That "Cagnus Malsen on the studio" came out of nowhere. I almost spit my water on my phone.

  7. I know i'm not a great chess player, I'm 1000 rapid but even I saw Bishop C2 looking at that board.. Fabi really has pscyhological problems.

  8. 3:28 why couldn't Fabi move rook onto e1 and pin the queen so Nepo can't capture with that pawn? Then white has 3 attackers on that one pawn with queen in front of king. ? Why is that a bad move? Anyone?

  9. wow…. that bishop blunder cost Fabi an easy win.

  10. Nepo should not be playing because Russian. Also, has been a road block for a decade. Good enough to block others but not good enough to get the job done. ๐Ÿคก

  11. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ Grudge match much?

  12. Why Fabi didnt go queen a4 with check and taken that bishop on b4?

  13. With American pride, I feel Fabi's pain.

  14. audentes fortuna iuvat
    In the end Ian lost it against Abusov, every other contender beat him. As worlds best devensive player he could have gone more risk especially against Abusov.

  15. This game was a credit to both players,an incredible game

  16. Wow, an incredible finish to a wild tournament. Actually really looking forward to the championship now.

  17. 1:04 Cagnus Marlsen probably sounds real to non-Scandinavians ๐Ÿ˜‚
    It also sounds like a name George Costanza would come up with to impress his friends with his chess knowledge.

    Flireza Airouzja, Cabiano Faruana, Nikaru Hakamura – This could be a stroke test.

  18. If i was fabi, i don't sleep for 6 month.. It was easy for he's standard, a tie break with gukesh = almost 80% he would win.
    Same vs ding..
    Can't be more heartbreaking

  19. Nepo is so resilient, it shows why he has remained undefeated in the Candidates for so long.

  20. That Bh7 was a huge blunder, because it transformed a simple winning game into a very complex one where you would need engine-like accuracy to navigate to a win.

  21. Your 2am espresso fuelled dedication to the art is wonderful to see. Even though it probably feels like your nervous system is melting out of your nose you're shouldering the 64 squared burden like Caissa. ๐Ÿ‘

  22. Man, FYI: I've really liked your refreshing videos, but all the endless flush of bombastic "Most Incredible" (etc.) titles have been taking a toll.
    I can't open them any more. I'm jaded.
    (I guess part of that style is parodying some other channels, but if it is, it doesn't seem to work for (people like) me on the long run. I also think you could grow the channel just as well with different techniques for the titles. I know it's hard though. Just try something else, anything, just make it less stuffy, so I can come back. Still love ya tho!)

  23. Great commentary and great candidates tournament.

  24. Nepo never lost a game and had 3 wins, and it still wasn't good enough. Damn. I feel bad for Fabi. He played brilliantly early on, and even I found that qe8 move to pick up the outside passed pawn of Nepos, and I'm a low ELO scrub, so Fabi would be kicking himself now!

  25. I'm an Indian and ofcourse wanted Gukesh to win, but the end of Fabi Ian match was really really heartbreaking to watch ๐Ÿ˜ข

  26. how long was this game? i was in disbelief when i got on last night anf saw it was still live

  27. The queen coming around and checking the king until the h pawn was lost was NOT a hard scheme to see. You always have to know where all your checks can come from. He probably did see it too late at a point where he could not repeat. I assume he did the first repeats to gain clock time to think, but he denied himself the move he needed when he likely saw it. It wasn't the only situation where he blew it. The h pawn could hve dropped before, but he chose to push his own pawn. He ultimately undervalued that h pawn and overvalued his passer. Classic choke situation if you ask me. You become your worst enemy in these moments.

  28. How well nepo defended his position . If he could have attacked that well he would have beaten ding liren.going undefeated in candidates where other have loosed one or more than one game is great but the inability to attack has cost nepomeitchi his chances. For caruana it was heartbreaking . That h pawn will remain in his mind for some long time. Nakamura with white peice couldn'tfind any attacking chance against gukesh is not going well in my mind. You need someone with willingness to risk lossing the game. Super GM play is such that a draw is always on the card if both player want to play riskfree. You need someone like mikhail tal to create something.alireza poor score didn't give real value for his willingness to risk everything in order to find win. If he wanted draws he is good enough to find them.

  29. Fantastic video as always. The craziness of this game was no surprise, but the Hikaru-Gukesh game was a shock, as in the most strange and inexplicable way, Hikaru in a must-win situation opens with perhaps the most drawish opening after the Four Knights game. Why would anyone do that given the high stakes? He should have created chaos and pandemonium from move one and really played for a win. That game was a draw basically from move 2 as the Queen's Gambit has been studied to death, and black usually draws 90% of the time at the elite level. Truly bizarre.

  30. Nepomniatchy went for a side quest of not losing even a single match in the candidates. Well, he has completed the side quest.

  31. This is a prime example of why there is no true champion unless/until Magnus decides to compete again.

  32. Fabi is clearly past his prime & thus couldnโ€™t convert it into a win !! Nepo played awful as well & was lucky to not have been toasted!! All credit to Gukesh for showing the 2800 GMs the exit door

  33. This is Chess. It secretly steals from everyone, also from the big guys. And leaves all her lovers sad and beaten up behind. Some of them even insane.

  34. As Magnus noted, it's not unusual to have one side needing a draw and one side needing a win — like Nakamura/Gukesh. But this game featured the unusual case where both sides needed a win, and this situation likely affected how black played at various points, like not playing Qc5 to trade queens.

  35. And that's the difference between Magnuts and everyone else. He brings it home.

    gg buddy boyos.

  36. If Magnus doesn't play for the next 5 years we may be able to see five new chess champions in those years.
    The game is wide open for anybody right now.

  37. Nepo is a jedi mind trick Grand Master : "this is not the pawn you are looking for"

  38. Great review, back to being normal. Keep it up, great video.

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