The most exciting game of Magnus Carlsen’s chess career | Carlsen vs Rapport | Commentary by Sagar

“I have never had a feeling like this after a game!” is like how Magnus likes to describe this game. When Magnus Carlsen was asked if this was the most exciting game he has played in recent times, he replied, “Oh yeah! for sure! There is no contest whatsoever!”

What was so special about the game that Magnus Carlsen loved it so much? How did his opponent Richard Rapport match him move for move in the encounter? Check out the 14th round of World Blitz 2022 with commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Je ne comprends rien mais ça a l'air incroyable

  2. Am i watching football highlights?? holly shit what a commentary!

  3. Great commentary, entertaining and informative, superb!😁

  4. did anyone feel that the commendator should go andplay

  5. Why Rapport didn't just cut Carlson's 2nd queen right away at 10:40-stalemate, I don't know. Oh I see it , Carlson's little bitty pawn still waiting for a checkmate.
    A great match!

  6. Excellent commentary…. I played chess as a teen but nothing this exciting!

  7. Only Me Thinking that at 10:37 Magnus was won. By Putting Queen on B7 ??

  8. i now understand why we dont have many indian commentators in sports😅😂😂

  9. Why didn't Carlsen go C8 with the queen?

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  11. This is the kind of end game that makes a Nuclear War look tame.
    Its like Putin and Biden aint jack next to these 2.

  12. How many blunder was in that match?
    And the best part is no one knew that their opponent blunderz

  13. OMG! It feels like Im watching India vs Pakistan World cup T20 2022 match.

  14. Sagar sir has sparked the interest of so many people for chess. Thank you for your contribution sir 🙂

  15. The Commentry is a revolution in this game…will attract newbies

  16. The voice of the commentarist sound like the guy who was on stage with bob dylan in the 60's

  17. This guy can call a blitz game like nobody's business.

  18. I clicked because I thought he was playing against Steven Wilson

  19. Look at Magnus' hand at the endgame, it was shaking, Prove that he is still human. 😀

  20. Magnus was losing. But he won in the last.

  21. I did not know that kurt cobain was a chess player🧐

  22. Luna's Moving Company Moving & Storage says:

    Greatest chess commentator in history

  23. Is the move around 8.34 is valid move?

  24. If Magnus would've lost that game Hikaru would've won the gold medal

  25. This commentary!!! I am here for it! I wish every chess game had commentary by this guy! 👍 🤣

  26. Obviously this commentary is after the fact. The commentator has already analyzed the game through an engine, and is simply dubbing in his commentary, trying to make it appear like it’s live. Otherwise, he would be a better chess player than Magnus Carlsen! I mean, if this commentator can see “the correct” moves quicker than the World Champion, then why isn’t he playing Magnus instead of commentating? These videos are highly deceptive.

  27. 10:30 despite of promoting Qb7 checkmate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Best commentary out there! I hate watching the “commentators” who don’t even show you the actual game, instead they show you all the ‘what if’ moves on an online chess board. Love these style of videos when it comes to watching chess.

  29. I got anxiety listening to this commentary … it was a simple game .. dude yelled so much

  30. Can someone explain what happened at 8:26 ? How did the pawn take when both the were actually in the same line? I am so confused

  31. The excitement and satisfaction on winning highlighted how much enjoyment he felt playing against Rapport.

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