The most crazy chess game. Englund gambit

Short chess game


  1. Its not that stockfish was wrpng if that was your point. Your opponent was just dumb

  2. Creative game blunder 17 times and still win

  3. I love watching these stupid staged game's xD

  4. It's not a creative game but the most blunderous game in the chess history against a chess noob.

  5. Playing dogshit chess and calling it creative

  6. I love how the comments are full of people who either don’t play chess or have ELO ratings under like 600

  7. A shit.
    Okno, but its really bad, equals it was chaotic so its ok

  8. Englund gambit is confusing cuz most of the time people just bring out there queen so early idk why

  9. Englund haha laughed out loud at this 😂😂

  10. This has gotta be the shititest game I've seen. I play at 500 ELO and have seen better players

  11. In chess history ? That is too assertive

  12. Blimy. Surprised you didn't sac the king

  13. Half idiotic human moves other half computer moves strange game

  14. That's the most stupidest move ever. Why would u upload such as useless game

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