The Most Brilliant Chess Game Ever Shown on Television | The Queen’s Gambit

An analysis of one of the most brilliant and inspiring games of chess I have ever seen, shown in one of the most amazing shows ever created – The Queen’s Gambit.


  1. Fun fact: After the match Borgov realised that he blundered and missed the only move that doesn't lose the game for black after Anya-Taylor Joy's move, that move being Ke7

  2. I was 100% sure this was legit until I saw Ke2 😀

  3. I wonder if she took Kasparov's masterclass before playing this game

  4. I was so fucking invested in this thinking you were breaking character to do a serious analysis and then you play a fucking bongcloud

  5. Larry Gasparov used this brilliant move and become the great chess player of history

  6. Show is amazing! I am not player bit story is beyond game and everything is very interesting

  7. two videos in less than 4 days?! We truly have been blessed

  8. Two videos back to back?! What is it my birthday?

    I mean it's not but how cool would it be if it was?

  9. I can’t stop laughing at you laughing at your own jokes

  10. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. If the king doesn’t lead, then how would his subjects follow?

  12. am i just missing your humor this time around? you're presenting wrong facts in a very non-meme and dry way so I'm not sure that you're joking

    Anya Taylor-Joy was asked in an interview, "Did you even know how to play Chess going into this?" to which she replied, "No."

    finished … okay okay. LOL still, I'm new to Chess and you really made me feel that i had to verify what you said … needs more meme and less, "wait, is he serious?"

  13. Thank you for the novelty! I am a beginner and I will try this move against my opponent and hopefully I will wi-

  14. When did this game happen in the show? I couldn’t find it.

  15. Yup in that position borgov had to resign

  16. As a chess noob, I thought that Ke2 was legitimately a good move lol

  17. this opening used here in the queens gambit is the most brilliant revolution of our time, often referred to as the "bongcloud" This opening is used only by the elite as it dominates the center of the board, adn leaves ur king in the middle of the open so it has more possibilities in the direction of movement, truly an outstanding move by beth harmon.

  18. I thought it was going to be a scholar's mate till I saw the bongcloud.

  19. Omg dude i thought you were serious don't confuse me like that

  20. Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave

  21. I just can't stop laughing, I beat guys in chess sometimes, but now I will beat them all every single time

  22. FK! You had me google her rating …. lmao

  23. GM Ben coming in strong with that post game review

  24. i see the bongcloud opening, truly an amazing game thank you for giving me a game to analize the next few months

  25. I yelled hopping that the move he pondeed was the bongcloud and i wasn;t not disapointed? it must be an incredible show, on top of that having a chess rating rivaling magmus ckarlsen is quite feet !

  26. …am I to take it that the show is as good as the chess?

  27. The people in these comments actually taking the video seriously, LMAO

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