The Main SECRET of Strong Chess Players

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In this video, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the main secret of strong chess players. Sadly, many chess players do not understand this, and therefore, they are stuck in their ELO rating and make no real progress no matter how much they train and how hard they try.

Smirnov illustrates the main secret of strong players using the games of the world champion Magnus Carlsen!

The main difference between a strong player (top grandmaster, like Carlsen in this case) and club players is that even though the goal of a chess game is to checkmate the opponent’s king, that is rarely the winning strategy in the games of strong players and top grandmasters.

Rather, the strong players’ winning strategy is to go after the opponent’s pawns – find out the weak pawns of your opponent, fix them, and attack them. By seeing the games in the video, it will be clear for to understand why Carlsen plays such moves that didn’t make much sense in the first place.

If you would like to learn more about the secrets of strong players, GM Igor Smirnov has explained them in the course “The Secrets of Strong Players”, from which you will learn the 9 main differences between players at the beginner and advanced levels. These secrets will be like a blueprint for you to slightly tune/adjust your play (choice of moves), so that you can move yourself towards that expert level!


  1. At 7:10 – on point! The commentators often mislead and won't talk about the inner reasons of the moves played by the top grandmasters, rather they just analyze random variations, show only flashy tactical combinations. Positional play is the key – thanks a lot, Igor!

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  3. You don't speak clearly enough. You can hear you as if you were talking on an old radio.

  4. The secret of strong chess players is they take no notice of anything Igor Smirnov says.

  5. Great video! Most of you just can’t grasp the power of content and so you make fun of his voice. It’s a second language for him! Be nice, people.

  6. Things are never as straight forward as they seem

  7. what are the other 8 secrets of a strong chess players can anyone tell me?

  8. Give the guy a break. His video was ok. I get what you were trying to explain to us Igor thanks for the video.

  9. So your saying that you can beat an opponent by seeing the pieces hanging and paralyzing the developed pieces to capture pawns so you will have extra pawns in the endgame?

  10. Have no blunders and you'll win every game.

  11. 2:43 white to move
    rd5 is best
    2:56 white to move
    bishop h6 king h7 rh5 king h8 white rook a8 checkmate
    sacrifise a bishop to lure the king to it and checkmate it with rooks.
    4:13 white to move









    bishop f5
    moving your king
    closer to your opponent's rook can be the start of the best variation that allows you to take a pawn depending on what you do after.
    5:04 white to move
    ra7 is best.
    ra7 has more potential to allow white to take one of black pawns in the end.
    ra7 black d7 white rook h8 black e7 white rook h7. white has taken 1 of blacks pawns and this weaken blacks structure.
    7:38 white to move
    knight c6 has more potential , bb6 allows checkmate in 1 variation. but it can be prevented straight after bb6. while knight c6, variation draws it out as well.
    remember to assume your opponent plays at his best and look for flaws in choosing which piece to move is best.
    11:01 white to move
    strong opponent's attack weak pawns.
    in endgames, with 2 unpaired minor pieces move your pieces up with protection and use your minor pieces.
    in endgames, with paired bishops, prevent white from moving 1 or move of his pawns and keep them protect and think before your move and remember to use your paired bishops, if you can't move your bishop somewhere that has potential to break a pawn structure. after you get to move your bishop somewhere that has potential to break a pawn structure, protect your pieces.

  12. At 6:15 black can draw or win , Rxe5 , Kxe5 , Kg7 , Kd5 , Kxh7 , and so on

  13. 6:20,it is black to move,Black can just give up the rook for the bishop .It is forced for white to capture it as it is a check.Then black can play Kg7 and then capture the pawn on the upcoming move.After a few moves,the game would be a draw.

  14. Your instructional videos on chess are among the best in YouTube. Your explanations are always eloquent and lucid. The mark of a great teacher is the ability to simplify and make easily understandable things that would otherwise seem complicated. You have this gift.

  15. omadingizni bersin Firdavs Aka Ōrinboyev Javohirman

  16. that helped greatly.I find your videos full of clarity and depth.

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