The Gold Coins Game! Marshall’s Legendary Queen Sacrifice! Best Chess Moves, Tactics & Ideas to Win

The Gold Coins Game is a famous game of chess played by Stepan Levitsky and Frank Marshall. It was played in Breslau (now Wroclaw city in Poland) on July 20, 1912, during the master’s tournament of the DSB Congress. Legend has it that after Marshall’s winning last move of the game (queen sacrifice), gold coins were tossed onto the board by spectators, although this is contested by other accounts. This game is also known as “American Beauty”.

Levitsky was playing as white & Marshall was playing with the black chess pieces. After the game started with a French Defence, Levitsky made some suboptimal moves, and then a big mistake allowing Marshall to win a piece. Levitsky tried to counterattack, but Marshall’s unexpected winning move (queen sacrifice) put his queen – his most valuable piece – on a square where it could be captured by three of Levitsky’s pieces. After this move, Levitsky resigned. Legend says that this move immediately triggered a shower of gold coins. However, it is unclear whether this is true. Marshall insisted that “the spectators threw gold pieces on the chessboard at the conclusion of his brilliant win over Levitsky”, but Israel Horowitz reported that “Marshall’s wife, Caroline, disclaims even a shower of pennies.” Eric Schiller wrote, “others say they were just paying off their wagers.”

From this fascinating game, you can learn some amazing chess tactics, strategies, tricks, traps, moves & ideas, that you can use to win more games against your friends & other players online. This is one of the best chess games, which every chess player should see! Frank Marshall was famous for his attacking style of play & he used to play some interesting gambits & traps. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle inspired by this game. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. Puzzle solution: Qh5+, Rdxh5
    Raxh5+, Kg8
    Raa8+, resign

  2. The solution for this puzzle is queen h5 rook takes queen rook takes rook king G1 is forced and rook a8 is checkmate

  3. Qh5
    White Rock captures H5
    King to 8 rank

  4. Answer of the puzzle:
    Qh5, Rd5xh5,Ra5xh5,Ka8(only),

  5. Puzzle Qh5 solved it in literally 2 seconds

  6. Chess puzzle solution

    1. Qh5+, Rxh5
    2. Rxh5+, Kg8
    3. Ra8#

  7. PUZZLE SOLUTION: Qh5+ Rxh5 Rxh5+ Kg8 Ra8+ Rb8 Rxb8+ Qd8 Rxd8#

  8. Qh5 chq-blackRh5
    Ra8chqRb8&Qd8 but

  9. Qh5, Rook xh5, rook xh5, king h8, rook a8, rook b8, rook xb8, qd8, rook d8#

  10. Soo good. A beautiful game is a big part of chesx

  11. Qg7 from black was a brilliant move
    It also force white into zungwang where it had to make the move it don’t want to do and every move is lead to bad position

  12. Qh4 Rxr4 Rxh4 Kg8 Ra8 Rb8 Rxb8 Qd8 Rxd8#

  13. Qh5 check than black rook tackes exchange the rooks and only leagle move for black king is h8 and than rook to h8 checkmate

  14. Qh5+ R×h5
    Rxh5+ Kg8
    Ra8+ Rb8
    Rxb8+ Qd8

  15. Queen to h5 sacrificing the queen ,rook takes queen ,rook takes rook on h5 check king moves to only square G8 ,Rook to A8 mate

  16. Frank Marshall must have been rich after the spectators were said to show ogld coins on the board after that queen to g3.

  17. First there is a beautiful sacrifice by queen to h5 with check ,if rook takes qh5 then rook h5 is check and black's king is forced to move to g8 then ra8 simply leads to mate in 2.

  18. Qh5+ Rxh5 Rxh5+ Kg8 Ra8+ Rb8 Rxb8+ Qd8 Rxd8#

  19. CHACK from q and iff black capture from ruk** then
    From ruk* capture and chack then Black king back and then 2ñd white ruk** chack and then black chackmat**

  20. PUzzle= queen to h5, then rook take(black),then rook take rook, king goes to g8 then white rook a8 is a checkmate

  21. Qh5. Queen sacrifice should mate in 3 moves

  22. the puzzle you gave is actually funny, there is mate in like 30 moves 😀

  23. The answer is Qh5+ R×h5 R×h5+ Rg8+ Rb8 R×b8 Qc8 R×c8#

  24. Queen go h5 check black rook take white queen the white rook take it then check black king go h8 then white rook go a8 check mate

  25. Puzzle White Qh5 check Black takes with the queen then White Rh5 check recapturing the black rook and King to g8 is forced then White Ra8 is check Then black has to sacrifice his rook and Queen and there will be a checkmate

  26. Qh5+!! Rxh5 Rxh5+ Kg8 Ra8+ Rb8 Rxb8+ Qd8 Rxd8#

  27. Qh5+. If black plays anything other than Rxh5 then you play Ra8 and you mate in 2 by capturing any pieces that try to block the check. If black plays Rxh5 then you recapture with your rook and do the same Ra8 tactic as I mentioned earlier.

  28. Qh5+ if Rxh5 then RxR+ if Kh8 or Kg8 Ra8 and its matevin 2 or 1

  29. The puzzle is not hard but fascinating and the answer for the puzzle is qh5+ rxh5 rxh5+ kg8 ra8+ rb8 rxb8+ qd8 rxd8#

  30. Answer to the puzzle-
    Queen to h5 check
    Black takes queen with rook
    White take back with his rook ang gives a check
    King to g8 in the only legal move for black
    Then rook to a8 is a beautiful checkmate.

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