the EASIEST way to gain chess rating

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  1. You can't abortion farm. As nasty as THAT sounds 😂

  2. Liberals everywhere: write that down WRITE THAT DOWN!

  3. So I hear Alex is looking for some creampies!

  4. Damn the next generation of kids gon be small after this

  5. You're like the hottest female Chess player in the world 🥰

  6. The Supreme Court just released a new patch update.

  7. Yeah I abort my first child But now my gf is not anymore my gf shw is wifu❤😂

  8. I like that she doesn't even realise what she said😂😂😂

  9. Imagine being a Chinese women, getting an abortion and then your social Credit increases💀💀

  10. I think they aborted too many games that's why they're losing elo and you gain it

  11. Spawn killing is super effective strategy for that xp gain

  12. "gain rating off of abortion " sounds really weird 💀

  13. Andrea looks and sounds slightly ketomised. Been partying before work 😂 – she does pull herself together for the final "that's insane… How? I didn't know that a thing"

  14. I didn't know it was a thing either, but it should apply to some of the players who abort every time they get black in random color choice games. I learn strategies with the white pieces, and am disadvantaged with black, but I play whatever I get. Some players never take a game with the black pieces.

  15. I wish my gf cared more about her elo 😢

  16. I think the opponent wanted to abort, but then you made a move and so the abort button turned into a resign button. I know it because I once resigned like that

  17. If you abort several games in a row it starts taking rating points

  18. Why does this thing have 39 k likes 😂

  19. gothamchess: now alexantra botez, in that situation, sacrificed, THE CHIILD

  20. She opened the gates to some really dark jokes

  21. Our genes would make amazing little people

  22. Also it was abandonment not abortion, so if your opponent aborts then you don’t get rating

  23. Maybe that’s why the world is banning it

  24. Her eyes makes her looks really hot when she doesn't make any expression.

  25. If that’s the case, my ex is probably 3200

  26. LOL. Usually, that happens in tournament play when the game is counted as a loss for the player who quits.

  27. U know what, the same thing hpd to me (lost 10 elos)

  28. Babies been real silent since this dropped 😂

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