The Difference Between a Master and a Grandmaster in Chess

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0:00 Intro
0:14 Chess Puzzle 1
11:15 Chess Puzzle 2
19:07 Chess Puzzle 3

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  1. Is this the girl who loss consciousness because a hair stylist cuts her hair way longer

  2. "were very deep inside and if u wanna calculate at a grandmaster level" i see what u did there

  3. Way above my level but one choice you made was definitely 100% correct … ☺️

  4. He pays attention to his whole position. Maybe someday I will be able to do that. But I'm still bogged down with only looking at my own pieces.

  5. The analysis of the position by both isnt too crazy after I come over from Hikaru's but.. Yall look like such a sweet couple, nice to see two people share the same passion, too. 👌

  6. I really dislike WFM's referring to themselves as "Masters". WFM is not a master, it is a title created for the sole purpose of pandering to women. If you were a male you would be untitled, or at best a "Candidate Master", which is also not a master title. Being a master only by virtue of your gender does not qualify IMO.

  7. I see the difference. The GM is wearing glasses.

  8. Como hacen cuando quieren tirarse un gas??????????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. Che bello quanto si vede che sei innamorata

  10. A chess master achieves a rating of 2300 FIDE . You are not a master in general terms you are a woman master not a FIDE master of 2300 . In a matter of fact a master rated 2300 would beat you 70% of the time based on Elo rating difference of 132 points (2300-2168 ). A rating of 2168 makes you an expert or a candidate master at most. It is very deceptive to call yourself a master in general strength using your title that is only given to women chess players.

  11. I follow Noel on twitter. Based on his writing I’m not surprised at how well spoken and concise he is with the explanations here.

  12. usually when people say master they mean an FM, WFM is not the same and has lower requirements. title is a bit misleading

  13. I've been waiting for a new video from you! Thanks

  14. it feels illigal to be here in 11 minutes

  15. Mother and father pro at chess them the child will be next magnus

  16. Really interesting format, I‘d love to see more. One suggestion I have is not to dim the screen during the „5min“ transition, because its a natural pause point to stop and try to solve ourselves :-).
    Also in the second puzzle I was wondering what happens after fxg3 Nxg3 Qxh4 which I guessed after my 1min of investigation hehe. But of course I will right away check it myself with the engine.
    Thanks for the video again, very instructive as well as interesting

  17. Really enjoyed and learned a lot from this. Plz make more videos like this

  18. POV: When you realise that she has a fiancé and he plays chess and also a GM this is a lot 😂😂

  19. I like your fiance,you should feature him more?

  20. She says, "I needed some time to see that."

    Me understanding that she sees most things about 50 times faster than me: yep, I need to only play correspondence chess.

  21. Yes you should sprinkle more of these in from time to time. I think its a perfect length video too. Very informative to see how to evaluate positions.

  22. Ciao Alessia, bellissimo questo format, molto istruttivo. Spero che farai altri video così! 🙂

  23. this was very nice video format! the boyfriend is very cute hehe

  24. I like how you took your time going though the positions and then explained the lines . Actually moving the pieces so that the casual play can see the positions that arise was great. Overall a nice glimpse into top level chess for a patzer. Thanks.

  25. I think the difference is a Master is smart and adorable, while a Grand Master is like a nerdy kook who calculates too much, is a lot like Rain Man, and is probably no fun at parties.

  26. Imagine my surprise when i think her fiance is probably pissed she's obsess with chess all day😅😅😅😅

  27. These puzzles are very challenging! Thanks for sharing the thought process.

  28. I’ve asked for you and Noel to team up 3 months ago and you both agreed to do so. You both gave your word and you both delivered. I’m giving both of you your flowers right now because you didn’t have to do so and you did it anyway. For that I will always be grateful and because of that you will always be my favorite chess streamer. Your word is your bond. Your word is everything. At the end of the day all you have is your word. You both have shown me that not only y’all are great chess players you both are decent human beings. I can tell Noel was little nervous at first but once he started talking chess he was in his comfort zone. Thank y’all for this great content.

  29. Magnus could click his fingers and he could have her 🤣

  30. Ale, sto ragazzo è simpatico, a quando il matrimonio?
    E' una figata come gioca a scacchi, dovresti farti dare lezioni così diventi brava anche te 🤣😁

  31. Well technically a master is 2300 fide and you’re 2100 fide. So… you’re more of an expert than a master. No offense but yeah I just had to point it out to reach out for all the homies who are 2100 and can’t call themselves masters.

  32. I like this sort of analysis. My mind could only handle one though… Have to come back later for a short 2nd minilesson.

  33. I like your fairness in this test, especially in Noel's answers. He doesn't pretend like he is seeing everything and has no problem to admit that he overlooked something. Very good content, everyone can test oneself.

  34. The second position is one of my games. Interesting.

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