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  1. This was like soccer scores: USA vs USA: 0 to 0. Russia vs Russia: 0 to 0. Women's Russia vs Russia: Also 0 to 0…..Wait, exciting news, Women's India vs India with a blowout 1 to 0 score.

  2. Do the women in separate video. Nobody cares and if they do they can watch the on a different video.

  3. Personally, I’d prefer separate videos for the men and women’s brackets

  4. Insane level of chess between Caruana and Nakamura. What a draw..

  5. Glad to be watching my first Candidates with Gothams commentary

  6. 7 of 8 games ended in a draw… That must've been a hell of a sleepy day for the audiences jesus

  7. You're great Levi, I love you're videos and you're clearly a great chess mind. But stop selling out to algorithms with the thumbnails

  8. I like when you focus on interesting games and analyse them deeper

  9. Toddlers have joined the chat 👶👶👶

  10. *Levy doing his best to make four draws entertaining

  11. Pls put the girls game at the end so I can leave the video…

  12. Commenting for engagement. You're the man Levy!

  13. People won't like me saying this, but no one cares about the women. Anyone who says otherwise is just parroting ideology for the sake of societal praise. Maybe cover one of their games, the most interesting one

  14. If you ignore the chess Olympiad, this is like the Olympics of chess.

  15. I really like you covering all the matches because that way we get the general story of the tournament and not just a few parts

  16. I was just trying to read your sweatshirt for like half the video lol

  17. Don’t all the early draws tend to support the argument that players from the same country will collude?

  18. Why don’t the women play with the men😂

  19. Show every game please, but spend more time on the interesting/hype match ups

  20. Hi Levy, thanks for covering the candidates and love the content as always! I think the women deserve a separate video for themselves if it’s not too much effort so there can be a bit more analysis into the games and so it’s easy to separate the two tournaments~

  21. Levi, why are you making that face in the thumbnails? This is not a prank channel for 13 years old children man, don't be a clown for extra views from kids.

  22. Why are women and men still separated in chess? For physical sports where bulk and size matter, fair enough. For a purely intellectual strategy game, though? Unless we're protecting men's egos from women's superior mental strength, it doesn't make sense to me. It feels like an outdated concept to say the least.

  23. The candidates
    Where we get the JOY of seeing draw after draw … YAY

  24. The winner from the big grenk classic qualifies alsoe

  25. Please exclude then women games since they arent important

  26. Where do you get your hoodies from? I want those.

  27. This was INTENSE! Love the quick-fire format.

  28. "They make people from the same country play each other earlier, so there's no collusion."
    Players proceed to draw all their games.

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